If they pass an AP test, they may receive college credit for that subject . 5 students, out of ~219,000 worldwide, earned all 100 points possible on this year’s AP Statistics Exam. We’ll notify them and their schools in mid-September jmu dorms freshman when all late scoring is complete. According to the most recent 2022 AP® paraphrasing sites Computer Science Principles score distribution report, only about 67% of students acquired a passing score of three or greater.

Colleges may also take AP grades into account when deciding which students to accept, though this is not part of the official AP program. 8 students, out of ~460,000 worldwide, earned all 140 of 140 points possible on this year’s AP US History exam. Students demonstrated strong knowledge across all 5 Units in the MC section, but especially Unit 3, Civil Rights and Liberties; 14% of students earned perfect scores on that unit’s questions.

Note that rescoring is the only option for possibly changing your AP scores that year. The College Board considers a score of 3 or higher a passing grade. Whether a 3 is a good AP score depends on the colleges you’re applying to. Good AP scores can earn you college credit and reduce the amount of time it takes to get your degree.

With scores like these, it’s tough to identify areas for AP English Lit improvement, but if there’s one, it’s skill category 4, explaining the function of a narrator / speaker; students are generally a bit weaker on this skill than others. Computer Science A– Through this course, you’ll get familiar with the concepts and tools of computer science as you learn a subset of the Java programming language. Due to COVID-19, College Board has taken some measures to ensure students don’t miss their APs this year.

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