It means “to health.” You will find that in the settings where the clanging of glasses is not necessary, and neither is eye contact. You can say it whenever you want to celebrate the power of love. The best place to use this phrase is during wedding celebrations and birthdays. You can incorporate the following phrases into your wedding day toast or speech. This can be used in a variety of settings, especially those that are characterized by congratulatory messages such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries.

Some drops of wine would get from one glass to another, so the host and the guests were sure that no poison was in the drink. An important fact to remember is that Italian tradition says that each drink should have its type of glass. For example, wine would have a different glass than sparkling wine, beer, or champagne. You need to use delicate glasses for sparkling wines while, and champagne has a distinct type of glass. It is a common belief that“chin-chin”comes from Chinese sailors.

Cin cin is often immediately followed by the expression alla tua salute or alla vostra salute which both translate as to your health. Note that it is perfectly acceptable to leave out the word salute and simply say alla tua / vostra since the meaning is implied. The popularity of this expression grew throughout time, with ships going throughout Europe and Asia. “Cin cin” would be said as seafarers raised their glasses at night because that was the only way they could communicate with the others. The Italians adopted it because they liked how it sounded — nearly like the ringing of classes after the cheers. Superstitions when it comes to raising a glass too!

Good afternoon dreamers, here are some pics of a few Sundays ago spent Madesimo , in the company of my friends to cheer and see the sample Vittorio Gambirasio. To express if something is good or bad for one’s health you use fare bene/fare male alla salute. This is an alternative phrase to #14 when saying cheers in Italian. The best man traditionally says this line at the start of a toast, and the guests repeat after him. “Viva” can be used alone or as an alternative to “salute” to say cheers in Italian. This can be spoken at an office party graduation, or to celebrate the end of a sporting match.

Also, getting people’s attention by clinking a glass with silverware is a big no-no. Once everyone has been served something the host will stand up and make their toast (and people will naturally fall silent to hear what they have to say. It didn’t begin as an Italian tradition, but we’ve adopted it.

This word can also be incorporated into songs in such settings. There are numerous ways to say cheers in Italian. The words you use are determined by the context.

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You must understand these rules if you have been asked to a formal event. However, the majority of them do not apply to everyday family dinners or gatherings. Since Italians love to enjoy themselves, all Italian weddings are bound to be festive occasions. You never know when you’ll be invited to an Italian wedding, so it’s a good idea to know how to say cheers in Italian properly. Just like in English, “congratulazioni” is a way to say cheers in Italian to celebrate certain momentous occasions. Examples are college celebration, a new job, a job promotion, the start of a new business, and any time you want to highlight and celebrate achievement.

There are many popular proverbs that use the word salute. This is a rather more meaningful way to say cheers in Italian when greeting the bride and groom in a wedding. Here are some frequent terms to use during Italian weddings to convey your well-wishes and share in the celebration. The following are the different ways to say CHEERS in Italian and other important rules in toasting that will come in handy when you get invited to a party in Italy. As your guide, I walk you through each lesson, step-by-step, using my unique 80/20 method. My approach is different from traditional methods because I teach you the most important 20% of the language right from the beginning so you can start to speak straight away.