Press the Relaunch button when prompted to restart the browser. Select Enabled on the Tab Hover Card Image flag’s drop-down menu. The body of the request contains the thumbnail image that you are uploading. The request body does not contain a thumbnail resource.

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Of course, it’s recommended to read reviews after adding any tool to your computer. Lots of adware programs come with spam extensions and even scammers. For that reason, you have to be careful when you add and software and read carefully the instructions. If you want to make the browser, even cleaner and faster, make sure to use the extensions that you really need and. There is no need for a tool that you use once a week. Just disable it and you can enable it when you need it.

Chrome allows you to customize the appearance of New Tab in various ways. One of which is the ability to remove shortcuts from New Tab, these shortcuts are in the form of thumbnails of your most visited sites. There are two different ways to hide the most visited websites’ thumbnails. The first option is to replace them with a set of shortcuts of your choice. The second option is to hide these shortcuts completely. Some browsers, such as Vivaldi, have incorporated a similar thumbnail preview feature for open page tabs.

Then type the item you want to search in the Search bar and press “Enter” or click on the blue button with the magnifying glass. Then look at the “SafeSearch” button on the upper right side of the page. If SafeSearch is on, click it and and click “Hide Explicit Results” to remove the filter. A private browser might be something of your interest. If you’ve already tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, maybe it’s time to try something more private.

Not so good if you like to keep that private. This tutorial will show you how to disable those Google new tab homepage thumbnails. It will not show the recently viewed or most viewed websites and your data will stay secure. In fact, when you open your browser and view websites, you can open incognito each time.

Ordinary Google also allows individual items of history to be deleted- not this ridiculous all or nothing. From a new Chrome tab page in Windows, press Control + Shift + Delete to open settings. Click the Add to Chrome button, and select Add extension to confirm. Chrome will automatically check for updates and install the latest one available.

Simply hides thumbnails on YouTube to have a more peaceful and less distracting browsing experience. Also useful for avoiding spoilers or inappropriate imagery. It’s not about breaking, it’s about privacy. When you share screen or open to the browser in front of someone, you should not get annoyed with the irrelevant icons on the Chrome page. So there should be an option to remove this if people don’t want it. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A device using Android Version greater than 78.

That extension actually redirects the New Tab page to the Google homepage, which is almost exactly the same as the default New Tab page. Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome button to open the browser’s how to delete thumbnails on google chrome menu. We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is. When it comes to keeping web pages truly organized, there is no better option than Opera.

Thumbnails, or site shortcuts, in Google Chrome are quick links to websites you visit often. They appear on the new tab page and serve as a way to revisit your favorite websites with the simple click of a button. An alternative to adding the extension is to modify the new start page. You can control what page is presented when you first start Chrome. This doesn’t stop the thumbnails appearing when you open new tabs but will only change the page shown on startup. It’s less than perfect but it’s another workaround.