CFAI ensures not to compromise on the level of testing even though the number of questions is reduced. According to the 303 hours study time, if a candidate sets aside 1 year to prepare for the level 1 exam, they will have to study for 25 hours each month. That said, one mistake I made was not to take practice exams earlier than just the last 2 days I had. If I had done so, I would have picked up that there were critical areas in FRA and Economics that I needed work on, and would’ve been able to focus on those areas specifically. In fact, research have shown that practice exams are one of the most effective methods of exam preparation.

I was lucky enough after I get the results from level one, I talked to one of my friend. He’s a charter and he told me level two is you need much more time. I start in September and I was lucky enough to start in September because it give me the advantage of time.

And also, how the different economic events are affecting different markets and businesses. The only thing I changed is mocks because it’s not a good idea to take mocks in June, so I postponed that till November for example. If you have been using one of the authorized HP 12C models in your surgery missy elliott weight loss work or studies, then it might be the better choice for you. You can find a lot of information about why some candidates and CFA charterholders prefer it by checking out Analyst Forum and Quora. I recommend actually putting appointments on your calendar and being relentless about execution.

The CFA Institute places Ethics as one of the most critical topics in the CFA Program. Ethics is a significant part of all three CFA exam levels. The CFA Program also measures your overall total score against all categories and uses it for ranking. If your score is significantly above the Minimum Passing Score by at least a few points, you will pass, regardless of your Ethics score. The CFA level 1 syllabus focuses on the basic knowledge of 10 topic areas and simple analysis using investment tools.

The mindset here is to firmly decide to do what it takes, when it is required; to not put off the work for any reason. There will always be some distraction, and you must find a way to remember why you are subjecting yourself to this ordeal and stay strong and on-task. Increasing margins through better cost management — relocating production facilities to lower-cost countries, for example — and economies of scale by growing volume. That is, recapitalize by raising further debt in order to pay out dividends — hence the term “dividend recap.” With this move, the PE firm partially realizes its investment.