Extend your celebration by planning additional events outside of the big day. While you don’t have to go-all out with a full weekend of events, a welcome party to greet everyone is a popular choice. Depending on your budget, you can combine this with your rehearsal dinner or host a more informal gathering for your larger group after. Sarah Chancey is the founder and creative director of Chancey Charm, a full-service wedding planning company that specializes in weddings in the U.S. and internationally. She and Skylar Albritton, lead destination planner and designer, are wedding industry veterans with more than years of experience. A plantation wedding perpetuates a myth of of antebellum life, typified by Gone with the Wind, that endures today—and undermines efforts at racial reckoning and reconciliation.

Your insta ready location where you can play “The Notebook” is the PRIMARY place where generations were raped, murdered, coffled, and rendered socially dead. If you think the machinery of death is the same as a “redlined” region, or even the town center where slave auctions happened, you have a profound misunderstanding of history. I hope you think about the plantation owner sneaking into his slave and her 12 year old daughter’s room at night to rape them every time you look at your wedding photos. And if you don’t think of them when you look at your photos? To separate the space from the suffering that buttressed EVERY stone in the place.

I never expected to enjoy working in a segment of the cocaine chain. I visited a mix of plantations, prisons, cemeteries, museums, memorials, houses, historical landmarks, and cities. And I began this process by looking first in the place where I was born and raised. My reasoning being that a lot of the event venues la vie en rose food truck in larger southern cities are older and have roots in the pre-civil war era, but have been converted into spaces that don’t glorify or exploit that past. I’d imagine most every historic event venue in New Orleans has some ties to slaveholders. In the French Quarter, people live in renovated slave quarters.

Led by Cary, these talented specialists can sift through the possibilities to produce a concrete list of suitable options that fit your vision, style, and budget. Once you have made up your mind, the team will handle the rest, ensuring that every detail of your big day is just right. Afterward, you can toast to your new beginning with a well-deserved getaway.

Elaveezha Poonchira in Malayalam indicates ‘valley where leaves in don’t fall’ and it is known as so because trees are not present in this area. Tourist attractions in Bandung when considering the historical aspect of Indonesia. Since Bandung was the former capital, the place holds extreme importance as a public building. Currently, the attraction is used as the governor office of West Java province.