If you are looking for a pattern to test out this technique check out my NEW Snowflake Corner-to-Corner Blanketwhich is a FREE pattern on Red Heart’s Website. The Snowflake Corner-to-Corner blanket also comes with its own video tutorial. Sarah Stearns has helped im invited destination wedding plantation. what thousands of makers find their next craft project with free patterns and step-by-step tutorials on her blog, sarahmaker.com. Yes, you can use any yarn or size hook with C2C crochet. Just be sure to use a hook that’s appropriate for the yarn weight you’re using.

Let’s face it…when one of your favorite times to crochet is watching tv in the evening, you can’t work on something too complicated. I created a Half Double Crochet Square Corner to Corner C2C Diagram for your visualization. As educators, we keep presenting you diagrams in this format that are squared to the page, when in fact, you are crocheting in rows that resemble this below.

But then I started getting requests for ad-free versions, and then my daughter Hannah started crocheting too…and well, the rest is history as they say! We are so blessed that you have found our little corner on the internet. When it comes to making crochet blankets, corner-to-corner is quickly becoming our new favorite. Worked in a solid color, it makes a deeply textured fabric.

I like to draw diagonal lines through the chart as I finish each row to help me keep track of what I’ve already crocheted. Crossing off the rows helps me stay a little more organized so I don’t lose my place. In C2C patterns, the ch-3-sp refers to the space between the turning ch-3 and 1st dc of the tile. I’ll point this out when we get to the step-by-step instructions below. I enjoyed knitting this rectangle blanket so much!

Now that all your yarn ends are secure, you can think about adding a border to your C2C project to finish it off. I suggest carrying the yarn if you have a short distance to travel , and only if the color you are carrying will be touching a tile of the same color. So far, we’ve been talking about how to crochet a C2C square.

JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Once you reach the next corner, work 2 DC, Ch 2, 2 DC in same sp. I have written this out in pattern form below along with a picture guide of each step.

The last stage is to finish the rectangle by decreasing to the end.

Again, you’ll begin decreasing on the other edge as soon as it meets its measurement. WS – The “wrong” side or back of the project . All even-numbered rows are wrong side rows. • or indicates which side of project is facing up while this row is crocheted. • Number indicates how many tiles of each color to work. • Color or word indicates which color of yarn to use.

If you were to make this blanket in one solid color you would probably only need 3 skeins. I would say 4 skeins to be on the safer side. Work Section 1 until your blanket is the width you want for the short edge.

This keeps the straight side the same length that it was while increasing the length of the other side. I purchased a C2C pattern but I’m having problems. I contacted the place where I purchased it from but I’m told no one can help me. I understand the increase and decrease of the pattern but for 15 rows I need to have 56 blocks in each row. Browse all our free corner to corner patterns for lots of ideas and inspiration. This throw blanket pattern in my book, Corner to Corner Crochet, uses nine simpler blocks to create a very complicated-looking design.