You can, if you want to do this now, slowly keep chopping off the heat damaged sections while taking care of your new curls the right way. When you go to school, simply plait your hair so that the texture difference doesn’t show. For those of us blessed with curly or wavy hair, we constantly wonder how to get silky straight hair. It’s adaptable, it’s manageable and lends itself to various different hairstyles.

Cold perms can get curls closer to your roots and work on any hair type. Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair gently and prevent frizz. Rough cotton towels make your hair frizzy and can cause damage and breakage. When you’re done washing your hair, gently squeeze out excess moisture with a microfiber towel. Then, plop your hair in the towel to remove most of the water. Some people with curly hair like to co-wash, meaning only “washing” their hair with conditioner on the days they don’t use shampoo.

So, it is possible to apply it before or after blow drying. The harsh hair gels and hair sprays must be avoided for the curls might loose their charm. While blow drying, one must take care of the curls or they end up being rough, fizzy and almost unmanageable. The curls have to be protected and hence before sleeping one must ensure that it does not get tangled by the rise of the sun. The curls have to be naturally natural and have to be maintained and conditioned well.

Apple cider vinegar helps lower the pH level of your scalp and hair, giving it a clean and sleek shine. Fun fact, aloe vera is made mostly of water and is one of the most hydrating ingredients you can use in DIY treatments. It is infused with proteolytic enzymes which act as a conditioner and leave your tresses looking sleek and shiny. Mix equal parts of banana and papaya and mash them together.

However, if you do single process color that is semi or semipermanent, then you will most likely get the go ahead from your stylist. Perms for Short Layers- Short layers can be tricky with perming. There is a fine line between creating the perfect texture and “old lady” permed curls when it comes to short layers. If the rod is too big, there will be no curl pattern at all, on the other hand if it is too small, then your curls will be super tight. Perms for Highlighted Hair- If your hair is highlighted, perming will most likely not be in your best interest.

If you have a curling iron that allows you to change the temperature, you should set your iron at a lower temperature if you have fine hair. Putting too high of heat on fine hair can cause damage to it. For thick hair, set your iron at a higher temperature so the heat gets all of your hair curling a wolf cut with each time you roll it. Hairbrushes can cause a surprising amount of breakage. If you’re having trouble detangling your hair, use a Tangle Teezer . Curly hair is very prone to tangles so make sure to brush it gently on wet and conditioned hair only to avoid damaging your hair.

Curly drop fade cut is mostly suitable for curly hair men. To unravel, it is better to use a wide-toothed comb through your hair only after the shower. Disregard it well after that to achieve your goal. Jen Atkin is the queen of carefree, windswept waves, so adding this baby to her award-winning OUAI collection was always a given. For flexible, shaggy and windblown waves, veil over damp or dry hair, run your fingers through, et voila.