The right keywords will bring more traffic to your site, but the wrong keywords can hurt your ranking. Especially if your website is in several languages, you’ll need to use the right keywords to attract the right target audience. Google’s advanced search page can come in handy when you’re looking for academic results, a specific type of image, or even how to search and exclude words an advanced video search. There are a couple scenarios where you might want to use this Google advanced search. First, it is great for when you are looking for information that might be found with multiple search terms, like “french press” and “cafetiere”. It’s also good if you don’t know the best phrase to find the info the info you’re looking for.

So, the next time you’re at a bar or cafe and trying to figure out the math behind the tip, you can look it up instantly using this search trick. All you have to do is search “tip calculator”, enter the bill amount, percentage, and number of people it’s shared between. This is a more formal way of doing the same sort of thing that you’d do with autocomplete. Instead of starting a search query and then letting Google suggest ways to finish it, you tell Google exactly which piece of the puzzle you’re missing. So if you want to know, for example, which websites are linking to your website, use link search.

) can also be used for this particular Google search shortcut. EVERY result contained the excluded word, even in quotes.

An up-to-date list can always be found in Google’s file type FAQ. You can also use the as_oq request parameter to submit a search for any term in a set of terms. The as_nhi parameter specifies the ending value for a search range. Use as_nlo and as_nhi to append an inclusive search range of as_nlo…as_nhi to the query.

Learning to exclude results in Google Search can be a major time-saver for digital marketers, or for just about anyone who spends time working with search engines. Search operators are symbols and expressions you can use within your search query to refine the results you get from Google. If you prefer watching to reading, I have also recorded a video where I show you the above 5 methods of excluding certain words or phrases from search results. In this short guide, you will learn how to exclude words from Google search results and will be able to find the answers to your questions more easily.

] and discover that there are multiple definitions of salsa. So, what minus is really doing is figuring out a way to exclude results. Let’s say you find a page that mentions a competitor, but it doesn’t mention you. A quick action item would be to reach out and ask to be included. Using this operator to find sites that may be interested in featuring your infographic.

Instead of showing users comprehensive reviews of the page, Google shows them review aggregator sites like G2, Trust Radius, Capterra, and others at the top spot. Another reason you may want to exclude domains on Google search is to remove irrelevant pages from SERPs. Once you have figured out which keywords are relevant to your payid withdrawal casino Australia website, you can use these to optimize your site.