As an example of this, my striped bolster pattern uses the corner to corner construction style with US single crochets. It’s worked in a rectangle using this decrease / increase method to create a rectangle that is wrapped around the cushion. This rectangle granny square pattern is a new way to make a neat centre to your granny rectangle. It is not a full pattern to make a completed item but a tutorial to create a granny rectangle and for you to get creative with. Just as you would with granny squares, you can crochet various sizes of granny rectangles and join them to make handmade blankets.

You can adapt the pattern to make one big blanket, a blanket made up of lots of small rectangles, or to make a bookmark. Now continue to crochet on the underside of the chain. For this you push with the crochet hook through the loop/s on the underside of the chain and continue crocheting as usual.

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Work a few extra slip stitches at the arm pit to ensure it is secure and to help clean up any gaps. Tie a slip knot, insert your hook, and slip stitch simply gram to one corner of two joined edges. Because this cardigan is made from rectangles you can add or subtract rows to get the length you want.

The key is to decrease on one side and increase on the other by the same amount. This will keep your numbers the same and your edges straight. I have changed back to the grey yarn to show you where the decrease is placed. I have written this out in pattern form below along with a picture guide of each step. You are commenting using your account. Granny Square pattern is very popular, and as you can see very easy to work out.