There are two possible reasons you will need to ‘claim’ a Facebook Page. The first being your agency has taken ownership, and you need to get it back and the second being you’ve discovered an ‘unclaimed’ Page with your company details. Advertiser access is best how to get playlists on tiktok for those picking up your paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram. An Advertiser can create and manage Ads as well as view insights. An Admin can manage all aspects of the Facebook Page from publishing organic content to responding to enquiries on Messenger.

We would recommend instigating “chat” with the support team at Facebook. The link to their chat is rather hidden within the settings, so to make it easier for you, simply click here and it will take you to the right place. Complete the form with as much detail as you can. Be aware that you may need to supply documentation to prove that you are the owner of the business. Facebook remains one of the most used social media platforms round the clock. So, regaining access to your popular page might be an essential commodity to keep your business known to the world.

For a detailed guide on how to add an admin read our earlier guide here. Go to the About section on your business page to update your company’s information. When 68% of Americans are using Facebook on a daily basis, that’s a pretty good indicator that your business should be there.

Page Followers is soon to be replacing Page Likes and, although often described as a vanity metric, businesses need to be aware of what their magic number is. Followers will give those in charge an idea of potential reach and exposure for organic content. The average business should post on Social Media around 3 times a week, which means a whopping 156 post ideas are required per year! It can be overwhelming trying to think of that many things to say about your business but we’re here to help with the ultimate post…

You can also add a backup method such as an authentication app, security key or recover codes. Level of page access that you can grant a user. Admin access will be the same level of access that you have for yourself, and a fellow admin could choose to remove another admin all together. Therefore, worst-case scenario, they could, in theory, remove you.

To expand the availability to manage various Facebook pages with your team members, Facebook launched Facebook Business Manager in April, 2014. This tool lets team members or advertisers manage all of your ad accounts, Pages, apps and permissions in one place. As the next step for your business, we strongly recommend you add at least one more admin to your Business Manager.