So, you will want to make sure that you are preparing the space with flooring that can withstand this weight. The best space for an air hockey table is one that is large enough to house both the table, the two players as well as any room for spectators at the sides. If you have only children wanting to play then they will need less space around the table than adults. Over time, your table can get dirty or scuffed, causing puck action to slow down and making it difficult to play air hockey.

We can’t say that we particularly recommend this one over any of the Gold Standard Games tables. Having played on tables from both brands, we can confidently say you’re going to be getting top quality from either or. What is left is for you to assess your home or playing area and see which air hockey table will fit best into that space. We kept a range of ages, abilities, and budgets in mind when making our air hockey table selections. We also looked for high-quality products that would suit different space and design needs. We reviewed hundreds of products ourselves and consulted expert assessments and read through thousands of consumer reviews before making our final choices.

Depending upon the size of the air hockey table you purchase will depend upon how much space you need. You will need enough room around your table to stand hockey shot radar and play comfortably, normally at least 3 feet. As you get to the mid-range tables you start to see tables that can be played on by kids and adults.

We have to guess because even the official rules, and we checked two of them, do not state the size of the goal. In all of our research not one place mentioned the minimum or maximum size of the goal. Means this is the optimal area required to play a game of air hockey comfortably .

If you do choose to use felt pads on your mallets, be sure to replace them as necessary. Dust and dirt will collect over time and eventually damage the playfield it is designed to protect. When browsing air hockey tables, you’ll notice how widely varied they all are in appearance. Some feature bright colors and flashy designs, making them seem like the perfect fit for an arcade. Others are made from sleek, polished wood and would look right at home in a sophisticated game room.

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Our team prides itself on helping customers discover the right product for the entertainment space of their dreams. We can answer any questions you have and know exactly what goes into choosing the right size and style. If you want to know more about air hockey and how much room you should have around the table, you will want to keep reading.

Air hockey tables that are two feet long are compact and are typically available in the tabletop models only. This option is great for young kids or teenagers due to their smaller size. Air hockey games that are between four and six feet long are a better choice for a full-size game room. These tables work well for players of all ages, and they can typically handle plenty of wear and tear. If you need something professional grade, consider an air hockey table that’s between seven and eight feet long. This table is typically the most expensive, but it’s also perfect for tournaments and professional leagues.

A set of four pucks and four premium pushers are included as extras. You may also acquire tables that are 5 feet or 6 feet long, but it is still recommended that you leave approximately 3 to 4 feet of room around the table. This is big enough for almost all kids to enjoy, and if they’re a little too small now, they’ll grow into it soon. The flat center makes the table easier to block, but it makes it too easy to knock off of a player. To block, you have to first get a ball to the flat center, then get the ball to the other side of the table, and then use it to hit the other side.

Good-quality models will feature a 110-volt fan motor to ensure best gameplay. As a bonus, some models offer fans that run quietly, allowing you to play your game without having to yell over the motor. These air hockey tables designed for children will, in any case, offer you the chance to appreciate a fulfilling game in the solace of your home. Additionally, they provide the option to save a lot of space and are even portable due to their compact size.