Grand Bassin is a crater lake about 550 meters above sea level with a depth of between 50 and 55 feet. Ganga Talao Which is known as Grand Bassin as the crater lake.It is located secluded mountain area in district of Savanne in Mauritius. The temple is built on a land of 13 acres bought together by twenty-seven Tamil businessmen in the year 1854. It also encloses idols of Nataraja, Murugan, burgundy and rose gold tuxedo Amman and other gods and goddesses as well, apart from the main deity of Shiva and Parvati in the form of Sockalingum and Meenakshi Amman. The history of this place goes back to when the indentured labourers coming mainly from India were working in sugarcane fields. They built this place of worship in the middle of a sugarcane field in order to relieve themselves after an exhausting day.

The Shiv Sagar Temple is located on the eastern side of Mauritius. It was built by the Hindus staying there from the late 1970s but complete renovation was done in the year 2007. It hosts the deity of Lord Shiva which is a bronze statue of about 108 feet known as Mangal Mahadev.

An Indian labourer dreamed of building a Mauritius Hindu temple on the Corps de Garde mountain flanks. This Dravidian piece of architecture was constructed in the year 1907. Hundreds of steps lead to the colourful temple on the Corps de Garde Mountain.

Situated near Bois Cheri, the Ganga Talao Temple in Mauritius, otherwise known as the Grand Bassin temple, is considered to be one of the most sacred temples in the country. The temple stands on a crater, located around 550 meters above sea level. The temples id dedicated to Lord Shiva, among other Gods, and has a lot of devotees visiting each year during Maha Shivratri.

Dedicated to deities like Shiva, Hanuman, Ganesh and Ganga, there are temples on the banks of the lake. There are also statues of several Hindu and non-Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Durga, Mangal Mahadev and Buddha. Though India is a place of Hindu religion, Nowadays, many people due to work callings are now settling in different countries. Hindus there have found their own way to connect to their god by building temples there. Sagar Shiv Tempe is one such example located in Mauritius on the Govaye de China, Poste de Flacq Island. Many people including tourists visit this place every year to perform different rites and celebrate major Hindu festivals.

Established by Pandit Shri Sajeebunlall Ramsoondur of Bihar in 1888, this temple was built on the site of a defunct sugar factory in the village of Triolet. The priests and images of the deities were sourced from India. Mauritius is a lot more than its serene beaches and spellbinding locales, it’s a Hindu-dominant island nation with many Mauritian Temples. There has been a rapid influx of Indians on Mauritius island since 1835, leading to the Hindu community gaining traction. The community stands united and celebrates all the festivals and customs with great enthusiasm.