“Although MADD has helped lower drunk driving deaths by more than 50% since it was founded in 1980, we always welcome any help we can get to continue spreading this life-saving message.” Approximately 1 in 54 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, according to CDC data. Pictured above are the typical orange Jack O’Lanterns that you and I think about when we think of pumpkins. Some varieties of pumpkins—or squash, really—aren’t orange at all but stay yellow, naturally.

The most traditional pumpkin color, you’ll find orange pumpkins at almost any pumpkin patch come autumn. If you spot an orange pumpkin at the patch, it’s ripe and ready to be picked. But these aren’t just for displaying on your fall-themed porch; orange pumpkins are also very versatile in the kitchen.

After all, those have become the unofficial colors of the celebratory day . Still, there’s nothing accidental about their symbolic nature; in fact, orange and black were specifically chosen to represent Halloween due to the fact that they represent the connection between fall and winter. So, a teal pumpkin sitting on the porch of a house means that the house has food-allergen-friendly options for trick-or-treaters. This could either be candy or other food treats that are devoid of these allergens or non-candy items like small toys, fidgets, stickers, bubbles, etc. Keep reading for the meanings of 13 different Halloween pumpkin colors. While blue isn’t as popular as teal or purple, there might be a few trick-or-treaters on your block with a dark blue pail.

“Some children have issues with speech and can’t say the words; some have sensory issues and don’t want to wear a costume long, or even at all. Others may have motor planning difficulties, and the list goes on.” Rather than focus on trick-or-treating buckets, other dale brisby jeans families have adapted the idea, instead displaying blue-painted pumpkins on their porch, backyards or lawns. Those who display blue pumpkins aim to kickstart conversations about Autism Spectrum Disorders throughout the season, rather than just on Halloween.

Purple pumpkins and pails signify that a member of the household or the trick-or-treater themselves has epilepsy. This originally started with the “Purple Pumpkin Project” as a way to spread awareness. EVANSVILLE, Ind., – On Halloween, spirited trick-or-treaters will don costumes and go house to house, some toting plastic pumpkin pails of different colors. Those same pumpkins, which may have a special meaning based on the color, can also be found on doorsteps. And while white pumpkins aren’t currently tied to a local or national organization, they are a great way to show your support for those affected by pregnancy and infancy loss . Perhaps, as Jessica puts it, setting out white pumpkins will also encourage people to “open up their hearts to one another” on Halloween and beyond.