With Product Ads, you can set a bid on the product group level. According to Google, an engagement occurs both when someone expands your ad and spends 10 seconds within it or clicks on one of the links within the ad. The next step is to create Showcase Shopping ad groups for your campaign. In the locations section, set the location you want to target with your campaign and click the “Save and continue” button at the bottom of the page. You can ignore campaign priority settings because they are not compatible with Showcase ads.

As the ads appear on the top of the most visited search engine in the world, you are practically putting ads on the busiest street of the internet. One of the most effective ways for any brand to drive sales and create a revenue catalog online is to design Google Ads, also known as Product List Ads. As a PPC professional, you’d have often wondered which campaign type would best suit your goals and business objectives. In July, Google stopped providing the monthly reports on ad text variation metrics. To report on the performance of Dynamic Showcase ads, advertisers can measure pre/post-pilot activation. You can also reference the Google Ads landing page report to measure traffic to dynamically populated URLs in the whitelisted ad group.

So if you haven’t used Showcase Shopping Ads, I would create a dedicated campaign and test it. A standard practice from Search Ads is to create at least 2 ads per ad group to find the parts that convert best. These are optional, but this is a great place to convince a potential customer why they should click through to your store. On the top of the page, select “Showcase Shopping” as the ad group type and proceed by giving a name for your new ad group in the section below.

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Over 40% of shopping searches are for broad-match terms, according to Google’s research. Showcase Shopping ads let advertisers display a collection of “living room furniture,” for example, and help consumers decide what to buy. This new ad type allows advertisers to put together a selection of products to be showcased in the same ad. Consumers will be shown more details about each item including product names, prices and customer ratings.

Test different landing pages with each of your Showcase image assets if applicable. Have at least three ads per ad group and let Google rotate through them to find the best-performing image asset. I firmly believe that if anyone can change the world, it’s entrepreneurs.

Showcase Shopping ads use maximum CPE (cost-per-engagement) bids. Showcase Shopping ads act like a store window display, introducing your brand to the customer and showing them the types of products you have available. They appear in the same high-profile position as Product ads, plus they are visually impressive.

Select which products you want to include in your showcase ad. You can create different showcase ads for different groups of products, how to search and exclude words organized by brand, product type, or any custom labels. You can create multiple ad groups to serve multiple different showcase ads.