This means they are one of the most effective ways to build dynamic flexibility in the hamstrings as well as helping to develop strength, power and stability in the lowest range. This increased strength through a full range of movement has transference to other compound exercises, most notably the Squat, and also works to reduce the risk of injury. The seated good morning primarily strengthens the isometric position of the back arch used in the snatch, clean, squat and related exercises to improve the lifter’s stability, power transfer and safety. Secondarily, it strengthens the glutes and hamstrings, and can improve hip extensor flexibility. The seated good morning is somewhat more specific to the squat position and starting position of the snatch and clean as opposed to the pulling position than the conventional good morning. The good morning is a great assistance lift for building strength and size in the muscles down the back of the body and the core.

“Functional movement pattern” is a fancy way of saying that the movement mimics motions you’d do during everyday tasks. And that’s especially true as you get older, he adds. Set up the squat rack so the barbell sits just below shoulder height.

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People talk about a good morning squat to refer to lifters folding over at the torso and hips while pushing out of the hole during a barbell squat. This happens when your hips rise faster that your upper back. Some degree of forward torso bend is acceptable and even necessary using salt as a pre workout for many lifters to maintain the bar path during a low bar back squat. But if you’re noticing low back pain with your back squat, making the exercise look too much like a good morning might be to blame. Your hamstrings and glutes are both targeted during the good morning.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together and rotate your elbows forward, attempting to bend the bar across your shoulders. If you overestimate your strength or skill and end up failing during the movement, you could end up with a lower back injury. And if you fall forward, the barbell can also roll onto your cervical spine or skull. They’re equally technical compared to squats or deadlifts, and they can put lots of shearing stress on your lower back, which is potentially dangerous. But generally speaking, good mornings may be riskier than most exercises, even most strength movements. If you have strength goals, or if you’re a powerlifter, you can also go heavy on good mornings by working up to one or more sets of 3-5 reps.