I have always been a fan of extended magazines, and the glock 42 extended magazine is one of the few that is well designed and has been carefully constructed to be the perfect size for the compact, portable pistol.

The design of the gun itself is interesting, with the magazine in the grip and the magazine clip on the top of the gun’s slide. The magazine clip is very well done and allows for the magazine to be very easily removed for cleaning. The gun itself is built like a tank, with a heavy steel barrel that is capable of firing up to.45 ACP.

Although the gun itself is a decent looking design, the glock 42 extended magazine is the best part about it. It comes in an attractive black with gold and black paint scheme. It is made of a durable stainless steel and is easy to clean and easy to set up and take down. The only downside is, you can only purchase the gun with a Glock 42 extended magazine, which is a shame because it makes for a lousy weapon.

We’re not entirely sure why glocks are so popular that they have to be made with an extended magazine. Maybe because they’re inexpensive, or they have a cool gun design. It might also be because they are a lot easier to carry, which is a nice bonus. If you’re not a fan of the style, then the extended magazine seems like a pretty great compromise.

The design of the Glock is one of its most unique aspects, and in the end it seems like it is one of the least important. The gun has a big round barrel, which allows its user to aim it pretty well, and the gun has a flip-up magazine, which means you can quickly fire a clip and reload almost as easily as you would a full mag. In a lot of ways, the gun is a very comfortable and accurate weapon.

The weapon is also one of the more expensive guns out there, which is good because it means that it will be easily accessible to a variety of people. There are different options for the glock variant, but a lot of the companies that make guns out of the gun also make other types of guns (and they have different options for them too).

I have no reason to believe that the glock 42 is too expensive for people to get their hands on it for. But if it is, it will probably sell for as much as most other guns for the same price. And while I’m not sure that glocks are an effective weapon for your typical criminal, they are effective enough that glocks are probably more effective than most other types of guns.

The new extended magazine for the Glock 42 that gives the gun a few extra rounds is an unusual option. While it won’t stop criminals from using the gun, it may give the average person who owns a Glock a little more protection. The new magazine only requires a user to insert their magazine and it will automatically reload after a few seconds of inactivity.

The new extended magazine may seem like its a little strange, but it makes a lot of sense in the long run. A magazine like this is great for anyone who owns a gun. The extended magazine is the perfect way to put a few more rounds in your gun without having to reload. It is especially useful when you have a gun that has a large capacity, like the Glock 42. This gun has a capacity of ten rounds, so five extra rounds will be necessary.

This is exactly my opinion. I don’t own a gun, but I do own a Glock 42. After all it is the only pistol that I know of that has a variable capacity magazine. The extended magazine is a great way to expand your gun’s capacity without having to reload. And since you’re already familiar with the extended magazine, you can just reload the magazine just like your standard magazine.