We chose another company as we plan to move in a few years and wouldnt get the return on investment. We will definately look up 221 again when we need improvements to our “forever” home. Foundation Recovery Systems is a recognized accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and devotes its years of experience, industry knowledge and s..

Perhaps their best feature is their industry-best ten-year repair warranty. Joco Foam Pro is a family owned, professionally operated business proudly offering concrete repair solutions for homes, businesses, and municipalities throughout Kansas City Metro. Enjoy your driveway, front steps, and more with our polyjacking foam. This lightweight cutting-edge solution is a premium, long-lasting solution compared to traditional mudjacking. With no room for error, our foundation repair specialists take extra steps to ensure our foundation solutions are correct and that they will last. We back this up with our industry-leading transferrable warranties.

At Thrasher, we formulate our own materials with a composition specifically designed to provide long-term stability. Slab has sunk about 3″ at end of driveway, some sidewalk cracks have drops also. I have front porch steps that are pulling away from the porch. I’m interested in getting a solution and estimate on how to handle this. We have area of our side walk that is settling and would like to get a quote to repair.

This will give an accurate location as to where the voids are and locate objects embedded in the concrete. Compared to other concrete leveling methods, polyurethane concrete leveling is more efficient, 75% more economical, 80% faster to complete, more accurate, more durable, and moisture resistant. iphone xs max megapixel The equipment that rested on the concrete slab was costly equipment that needed to be level to function correctly. A challenge with the project was that the business owner, who was also the building owner, wanted the repair done quickly to ensure that damage was not done to the concrete slab.

Another common occurrence is erosion of soil under the slab. As water runs down through the cracks and joints in the concrete, it washes the soil out as it passes through. These voids cause your concrete to shift and settle, creating cracked, uneven surfaces and dangerous tripping hazards. Pro Foundation Technology uses Ground Penetrating Radar to detect where the underground voids are.

Our experienced concrete lifting team is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service out there. We enjoy working directly with customers to listen to their needs; provide a solution to those needs; and walk them through the process to the end. We are committed from the initial estimate request to provide exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. Unlike mudjacking, polyjacking requires much smaller and fewer drilled holes to inject the polyurethane material that raises the concrete. The holes measure to be around 5/8” and provide plenty of space for the foam to fill in any empty space underneath the slab.

The PolyLevel® System is installed through a network of trained concrete repair contractors. Polyjacking is the process of fixing sinking concrete, by injecting polyurethane foam into the void underneath the slab. A small hole is drilled through the slab into the subgrade. Raising concrete with polyurethane foam is done with incremental injections. Lifting foam will fully expand within seconds allowing you to monitor the raising and preventing over raising the slab.

In addition to our mudjacking services, KC Mudjacking & Concrete Repair also offers exceptional polyjacking you can depend on! Polyjacking is an extremely efficient method for several different types of applications, including airport runways, roads, curbs, heavy machinery stabilization, and more. The professionals at Concrete Raising Systems are the best at what they do.