Adding your personal touches to your room/suite will help to make it your own. We encourage you to display decorations, posters, or pictures as long as they do not deface or damage the surface or structure of the room/suite. Please do not use tacks or nails in the walls, bookcases, doors, desks, or beds, but rather use poster putty or poster tape provided at the beginning of the year.

Check the personal property section of your home insurance policy for coverage in the event of such a loss. Portable air coolers are permitted in non-air-conditioned residence halls . Portable air coolers should not require ventilation through a window. Both portable air coolers should be plugged into a single power strip with a self-contained circuit breaker. The power strip must have a minimum rating of ETL and a maximum 15-amp self-contained circuit breaker.

It is the center of student activities and hundreds of registered student organizations. Numerous expos, conferences, and events are held in the Union’s ballrooms and facilities. There is a full-service underground food court and bowling alley as well as a university operated hotel in the upper crm digital marketing floors. Insurance you may have for coverage of your personal property in the residence halls. University insurance does not cover students’ personal possessions. We recommend engraving all valuables with your state abbreviation and driver’s license number for identification purposes.

Keep in mind that curtain rods or blind rods will not support the weight of plants. You may use additional furniture of your own in your room/suite as long as your roommate/suitemate agree to this arrangement. Due to limited storage space, no University furniture may be removed from resident rooms/suites. Power strips with surge suppressants are strongly encouraged for all electrical needs, especially large appliances such as refrigerators, computers, and stereos. Power strips must have a minimum rating of ETL and a maximum 15 amp self-contained circuit breaker.

WIMSE and Health Professions Living-Learning Communities are also located here. Access to fitness room, study rooms, FAR library, computer lab, vending machines, laundry, 24-hour front desk services, game room. Oglesby and Trelease make up the Florida Avenue Residence Halls. These coed, air-conditioned halls are part of the vibrant Urbana South Neighborhood. Living-Learning Communities include Health Professions and WIMSE .

In lieu of privately owned apartments, the housing department also offers apartments instead of traditional dormitories. These apartments are most commonly utilized by graduate students, students with families, and faculty. The Gregory Drive Residence Halls consisted of Forbes Hall, Garner Hall, and Hopkins Hall. The Peabody Drive Residence Halls consisted of Scott Hall, Snyder Hall, and Weston Hall. These six halls were commonly nicknamed the “Six Pack” due to their identical, connected structures and due to the persona of the area being where partiers lived on campus. Finally, the 4th Street Residence Halls consisted of Clark House, Barton House, Flagg House, Lundgren House, and Noble House.

This name lasted until the new Bevier Hall on Goodwin Avenue was dedicated in 1956. At that time it was renamed the English Building as the English Department took over. Among students on campus, the legend has it that a student drowned in a swimming pool and continues to haunt the building today.

The Campus Recreation Center – East is east of Freer Hall on the Gregory Drive. The facility was open in Spring 2005 and has 110,000 square feet of activity space with an aquatic center, racquetball courts, gymnasium and a 3-lane indoor track. It is immediately east of the newly built Institute for Genomic Biology. Established as one of 37 public land-grant institutions established after the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act. Illinois was one of seven commonwealths that had not formed a state university.

All undergraduates living within the undergraduate halls are required to have a meal plan. Graduate housing is usually offered through two graduate residence halls, restricted to those in sophomore year or above, and through three university-owned apartment complexes. One of the newer residence halls, Nugent Hall, has rooms with Beckwith Residential Support Services for students with severe physical disabilities. The Art and Design Building is located on the Northeast corner of Fourth and Peabody in Champaign.