Meanwhile, various landmarks are designed with many colors and intricate patterns. This astounding restaurant can be found at the back of the Vaitape shopping center. It offers magnificent views of the ocean, a beautiful setting for an elegant dinner for two or a group of friends. Their modern menus are even complemented by an extensive selection of drinks at their bar. In Bora Bora, there are numerous well-known restaurants for you to choose from.

Matira Beach, Mount Pahia, Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora Turtle centre are some of the most common and popular destinations of Bora Bora. Popular as Jewels of South Seas, Bora Bora is a small South Pacific island regarded as part of French Polynesia. It is a place on the earth that everyone wants to get once in their lifetime.

Very laid back, relaxing time where you need to kind of make your own fun. Beaches didn’t have that fine, silky sand but they are fun to explore and many would be considered secluded. From talking with other travelers, I think Fiji is a bit like Cook Islands in that it is laid back and mellow with lots of water activities but not a ton more. I suspect Tahiti has numerous upscale resorts although don’t expect your days trips to compare with what you could experience in Belize.

The staff are attentive to your needs much more so than that of a big chain resort. Now coming to the Maldives, even this place is an amazing shopping destination for all those visiting. You can shop for umpteen souvenirs such as unique statues, locally made baskets, lampshades, coir ropes, thundu kunaa , Maldivian sarongs, lacquer products and much more!

Still in the South Pacific, but located in French Polynesia, Bora Bora is home to a huge array of activities and adventures. Instead of many islands to explore like Fiji, Bora Bora is surrounded by motu or islets with a lagoon protected by coral reefs. On the other hand, many Bora Bora beaches are private on motus, owned by the resorts that are located there — and therefore have to be paid for.

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However, if it has to be only one, then whichever one you choose, you are bound to experience a holiday of a lifetime. Underwater sea life and corals in Banana Reef, MaldivesBora Bora is surrounded by a mountainous landscape, providing hiking, horseback riding, and other land-based activities. Watersports are also popular in Bora Bora, especially scuba diving and snorkelling. On the other hand, Maldives is 99% water and known for scuba diving, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and skiing. So, if you are looking for a mix of water and land-based activities, Bora Bora is better for you.

However this island may just be the most beautiful island in the world, and the hotel service you receive will be exceptional. If time and money weren’t limited, then we would recommend visiting both of these island paradises. Visiting the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora affords visitors relationship ride or die a unique opportunity to delve into the lives of early settlers and learn more about the arrivals from Europe. From the famous story of the ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ to the oral history shown through dance and song, you can learn a lot through the cultural experiences on offer here.

This means that you can enjoy fun activities throughout your stay in the country. Bora Bora, as we’ve already said, is tiny and space is at a premium. The cheapest accommodation you’ll find is Tente Vaitea which for £25 per night gets you a large tent next to a family-run lodge. You sleep on a double mattress (under a mango tree!) and you’re two minutes away from Matira Beach, which is handy as it’s the only free beach on the island. If you don’t fancy a tent, then a basic but perfectly serviceable room in the lodge will cost about £40 per night.

It is important to note these islands are not just around that you can pop in and out anytime you want. They are located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean and you should prepare adequately before you visit them. When it comes to romance, Fiji and Tahiti are the perfect gateways for that romantic getaway or honeymoon that you have been waiting for. Fiji is perfect for couples that are looking for a tranquil romantic getaway to the smaller islands and resorts or you can choose to stay on the main island. The beaches in Fiji are nicer and you will have a true experience of the Fijian culture.