While the Sunday crossword puzzle measures 21 x 21 squares. That should be all the information you need to finish the crossword clue you were working on! Be sure to check out the Crossword section of our website to find more answers and solutions. You can find posts with full details on our NYT Mini Crossword Answers and NYT Crossword Answers posts. We have found 1 Answer for the Clue „Book-keeper scales river with Scotsman“. Try to find some letters, so you can find your solution more easily.

15 rows and 15 columns are used in this crossword puzzle. By the time I had all the squares filled in, PUTPUPSONGS crossing LETME made as much sense as anything else I had entered. Times puzzles must never have been published anywhere before, either in print or electronically.

The answer we’ve got for Fish with spiky scales crossword clue has a total of 4 Letters. Crossword puzzles have earned their devoted fans throughout these decades, who solemnly dedicate their time to crack solve the puzzle using clues. On the other hand, there are people who absolutely fear puzzles, as they believe solving puzzles is all about being intelligent and mastery at using vocabulary.

The next two sections attempt to show how fresh the grid entries are. Check out how much easier the SE is to fill than the NW. Nam Jin Yoon my big apple associates is the creator of NYT Crossword puzzle. I agree to receiving news about The Tank Museum’s activities, events, products and services.

The have been arranged depending on the number of characters so that they’re easy to find. Synonyms for Scale are for example amount, ascend and clamber. More synonyms can be found below the puzzle answers. In this view, unusual answers are colored depending on how often they have appeared in other puzzles.

You can narrow down the possible answers by specifying the number of letters it contains. With crossword-solver.io you will find 1 solutions. We use historic puzzles to find the best matches for your question.

If your word “Musical scale” has any anagrams, you can find them with our anagram solver or at this site. Unique answers are in red, red overwrites orange which overwrites yellow, etc. Puzzle has 2 fill-in-the-blank clues and 2 cross-reference clues. English as a Second Language is sometimes referred to as English for Speakers of Other Languages and English as a Foreign Language . Back in the 1950s, to come “out of the closet” was to admit to being an alcoholic.