You don’t need to follow any extensive preparation guidelines separately for each of those skills. However, to improve your scores and to acquire the required proficiency or familiarity with these business tools, GMAC recommends practicing regularly to learn about the format. As opposed to GMAT, it takes what do you call people from dubai less time to prepare for the EA, the test duration is shorter and the syllabus is relatively easier to master. You will typically need a month of preparation for the Executive Assessment and the test duration is a breezy 1.5 hours. First off, it costs a little bit more than the GRE and the GMAT.

This duration allows for a couple of “rest” days per week and makes it easy to keep your life going while you prepare. You should only offer GMAT and GRE scores if you have already taken one of these exams within the last 5 years. All 4 scores–3 raw scores and 1 total score–are reported to schools on your score report. As a MAT, the EA changes the level of difficulty of the section based on how well you did on the previous section. Therefore, the first section is always a medium level of difficulty. The next one will be harder or easier based on how you did on the first one.

For example, 7.xy could be 7.15, or it could be 7.26. In both cases, when rounded to the nearest units digit, the number becomes 7. Statement two alone is not sufficient to determine the value of y. Age TodayAge 10 Years AgoAbbaAA – 10MabelMM – 10 Now we can translate some of the information in the question stem into equations. On Data Sufficiency questions, we’ll be presented with a question followed by two statements providing further information about the question.

In 2002, Jada Harris received a call from a student at East Carolina University, who was returning panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt that had been temporarily displayed at his school. Harris, director of programs at the NAMES Project Foundation, which manages the Quilt, vividly recalls the conversation. The young man, who represented an African-American student group, nervously asked whether next time, the organization could send over panels that didn’t just represent “old white guys,” as he had phrased it. We guarantee our Executive Assessment Practice Test Simulator will better prepare you for the real test or we’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

These are NOT questions from the Official Guide or GMAT Prep. These questions are unique to Executive Assessment. Now, the next step for you is to shortlist the right university and get started on your applications.