The 18-inch length provides plenty of options for styling, and the many available colors give you a range of choices to suit your look. The soft texture and light weight of this hair make it easy to wear, and the lack of odor makes it comfortable for all-day use. You can use the hot water setting on this hair to create waves and locks that will last, making it a great choice for special occasions or everyday wear. Once you’ve created your braids, use a bandanna, scarf, or hair tie to secure them in place. You can also use some styling gel or wax to help hold the style in place. Extra hair can also be used to add thickness to the base braid.

You’ll see a lot of tutorials using Marley’s braiding hair. Though synthetic, this hair has a beautiful texture that resembles the natural 4c type and can easily blend into a butterfly loc. This hair can also be used to add thickness to the base braid.

There are a lot of different types of hair that you can use to achieve the butterfly loc style. You can choose from among them depending on the length and volume you’re looking for. In this article, we will explore the different types of hair that can be used for butterfly locs, and we will provide tips on how to choose the right type of hair for your needs. According to Joseph, synthetic kinky textured hair that is soft and hypo-allergenic works best. The best part about doing this hairstyle is that it’s carefree and boho, so there’s no need to be perfect.

You can use jumbo square box braid parts, zig-zag parts, diamond parts, or triangle box braid parts. To keep your parts neat, you can apply any edge control of your choice. Massage your scalp with organic oils like olive oil, argan oil, or almond oil to keep your scalp moisturized and looking fresh while wearing this style.

From ponytails and braids to beehives and pompadours, your options are practically endless. Whether you are styling butterfly locs, goddess locs, or freeform locs, there are so many variations to experiment with to make the hairstyle your own. Go for color – When you’re having your faux locs installed, consider buying them in a couple of different colors. Similarly, you can choose different colors of passion twist hair for wrapping your soft locs. Butterfly locs hairstyles can be roughly grouped into two categories – those that are the same length as your natural hair and those that are longer. As it features curls that bounce easily, you will be able to achieve the desired effect with no fuss.

Butterfly locs, also known as two-strand twist locs, are a type of loc hairstyle that involves twisting two strands of hair around each other to form a rope-like strand. If you want your locs looking their best for all four to eight weeks, you should massage a light serum or oil into the scalp every few days to keep it hydrated. Carter also notes that if you choose to do a wash day, you won’t be getting a full wash because there are sections of your hair that will be tucked away. When it comes time to let your hair down, take your time and be gentle to avoid unnecessary breakage.

Looking so pretty has never been so effortless, so make sure to come to our salon as soon as you can. Just gather your hair at the nape of your neck – leaving out 2-4 small locs in front to frame braided up ponytail with curls your face – and secure it with a large elastic. It’s totally optional, but you can use a little nail glue here to firmly secure the final inch or two of your wrapped ends for better hold.

So once you’ve decided to invest time into this style, plan out your day and clear your schedule. Toyotress and the Janet Collection have some of the best hair for this technique. It doesn’t tangle and can be used for all kinds of lengths. We have a keen interest to improve the lives of women by delivering inspiring, interactive, and shoppable fashion and beauty content.

If you’re familiar with faux loc techniques, this is very similar to how you’d start the box braid extension that goes under the faux loc. Faux locs is a blanket term that refers to any kind of imitation loc style—including soft locs. All styles of faux locs use synthetic hair extension with your natural hair, but they vary when it comes to how the look is achieved. So why should you definitely try this trendy and stylish look at least once a year? First, we’d like to mention that it is by far the most popular look for this summer!