This issue of elle magazine is my favorite. I love the art, the design, and the interview with a few of the most interesting people in the world. It is a great issue to read when you are bored, and I love the mix of interviews and the cover art. It is the perfect issue to have on your bookshelf.

The cover, however, is one of the best parts of this issue. The art is just gorgeous, and the interview with an artist I’ve been dying to see more of is a must-see.

I loved the interview with artist Michael Kors. I love his work, and I’m so glad I managed to get a picture of him and his new work. I also love the way he talks about his art, and the way his personality shines through in the interview. He’s an amazing person to interview.

Ive been waiting to see more of his work for a long time, and Im so happy to finally have a picture of it. The interview was great too, and I really thought that Kors was a good interviewer. Ive seen a few interviews with him, and they always seem to be a bit boring. Maybe because Ive not seen the art yet, but Ive heard that if Im not a fan of his work, I cant really judge him.

I like Elle. I dont know him, but I like his work so I like his interview. It shows that he is a person who is interested in the art as a medium.

At least I hope we are. And I hope Elle will let us know if he is a fan of Kors’ work. If he is, Elle deserves to know. I know he has been on the back burner lately, but I love that he was able to get involved in this interview. I hope he tells us if he is a fan.

I have to say, I love this cover. I think it shows very clearly that the interview was conducted by Elle. Her style is very simple and very clean. It shows that she has a lot of respect for Kors. I also think that the art style shows her own love for the style of art Kors uses. And as for the interview itself, I love that she asked so many questions. It shows that she cares about the art as a medium.

Yes, it is nice to see that Elle has a background in fashion and is an expert in the art of the fashion world. It shows that she loves the art of fashion. Also, it is nice to see that she has a background in fashion.

Elle is a fashion designer, but she is very much a fashionista. I like that we don’t see the connection between her and the style of fashion she loves. It shows that she is a fashionista.

It shows that she is a fashionista. Also, it shows that she is a fashion designer. Also, it shows that she is a fashionista. Also, it shows that she is a fashion designer.