Add lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mustard, or a little ketchup to flavor it up. When it comes to getting the most bang for your nutrient buck, it’s all about the veggies—and pizza is the perfect excuse to gobble some up. This is one of Papa John’s meatless pies, and it’s already topped with peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and olives, but you can feel free to add even more goodness by tacking on extra spinach or hot peppers. You can have it made on their thin crust to lighten the load a little more (but OG crust is just fine in our book!).

This sandwich is served on a star-cut bun with mayonnaise, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, and your choice of dipping sauce. Arby’s is a fast-food favorite for meat-eaters, but if you’re counting calories, trying to lower your sodium intake, or cutting back on fat, finding a nutritious meal on the menu is challenging. To get a feel for your options, use Arby’s online menu and nutrition calculator to estimate the calorie impact and nutrition of your meal. Arby’s has few salad options, and toppings like bacon and cheese make them less nutritious than they may appear. Salad dressings can also add unexpected fat, sodium, and sugar. However, salads are one of the few ways to get vegetables on this menu that aren’t deep fried potatoes, which can help make your overall meal more nutritious.

But, Arby’s is also known for its dipping sauces, particularly Arby’s Sauce (a barbeque-like red sauce) and Horsey Sauce . The menu is segmented into roast beef sandwiches, chicken, sides and snacks, desserts, beverages, and a kid’s menu. It also has a Market Fresh section, which is the chain’s selection of fresher and more vegetable-forward options. At the end of the day, although it may seem like it’s impossible to find healthier options at fast food restaurants, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Looking for more veggies without turning your sandwich into an overstuffed mess? If you crave a classic burrito bowl, build yours from Moe’s with chicken or tofu, beans, cheese , and whatever veggies you’d like. And feel free to top with guac, which is filled with healthy fats, as well as fresh elements like lettuce and salsa. To pull in the growing number of consumers moving toward healthier foods and plant-based products, restaurants need to offer and promote both traditional and vegetable-based items. This is not a mandate to “Go Tofu”; rather, it is common sense advice to ensure that future generations of customers remain in the fold.

In some cases, they may be able to accommodate your need by using gloves, separate utensils, or grills to reduce the chance of contaminating your meal with an allergen. While it’s not always possible, it’s always a good idea arbys dressings to be cautious when dining out with a food allergy—and it never hurts to ask. There is mixed research on diet soda, some research says swapping calorically dense beverages with diet versions can help with weight goals.

This large-size Ultimate Chocolate Shake has 1,050 calories, 32g fat, 21g saturated fat, 0.5g trans fat, 650mg sodium, 160g carbohydrates, 149g sugar, and 25g protein. Sizing up really increases the calories, fat, sugar, and sodium in this dessert, which is made of chocolate and topped with more chocolate, as well as whipped cream. Make it a more reasonable indulgence with the snack size, which cuts calories to 350, fat to 9g, and carbs to 60g. You also could consider the vanilla or Jamocha flavors, which also have slightly fewer calories.

While, other research it’s unclear if there is any benefit. However, once you know a little more about what Arby’s offers, it will be easier to assemble a nutritious meal. This is particularly important if you are traveling and Arby’s is the only option available.

Before the cheese and sauces, it has 230 calories, 3 grams of fat and 280 milligrams of sodium. Add some grilled chicken or cheese to up the protein and stay full longer. Arby’s is best known for its delicious, juicy roast beef sandwiches and crispy curly fries. Some of Arby’s healthy options include their basic signature roast beef sandwich, salads, and roast chicken and turkey sandwiches. I’ve listed my favorites of their healthy menu choices, though I like almost everything at Arby’s. Caesar salad doesn’t usually make the list of healthy fast-food options.

This is awesome for folks who are trying to make healthier choices, and provides better options for people who live in areas where fast food chains are the main affordable option. In the fast-food game since 1964, Arby’s is known for its simple roast beef sandwich and dedication to providing a whole barnyard’s worth of meats on its menu—beef, pork, turkey, and chicken. Though none of the items are going to win any awards for nutrition or clean eating, most of the sandwiches are generally solid choices without going too crazy in the calorie or fat departments. Arby’s does offer two salads with decent protein amounts of about 25 grams, but you don’t go there to graze on lettuce. Though Arby’s is known for its roast beef, don’t forget their lighter sammies.