Documents indicate that the 3,554-square-foot dispensary may occupy the southwest corner of the building. The proposed business hours of the dispensary will be Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. There’s a lot of talk in the world about the need for compassion. But really, most of it is so much talk that is really not helpful or productive. In the case of the opioid crisis, for example, many of the tools we need to fight it are available for free. The good news is that it’s not too late to start.

Bravo to the entire Willow Brook staff for an exceptional job well done. It is very professional, clean, and excellent with Covid-19 precautions (a must as they likely serve many immuno-compromised individuals). I appreciate their focus on compassionate care. They can guide you skin tag on my balls to what you might need for anything from sleep to panic attacks, letting you skip the more dangerous and addictive medications like benzodiazepines. Any problems or concerns are met with understanding and help. Medical cannabis products are for use only by a certified patient.

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Kirsten was super warm and made sure I got everything I needed. They all made me AND my baby feel welcome 💕 hope this can help another pot smoking momma… Website content is not intended as medical advice.

It gets busy so pre ordering is best but if you don’t pre order as long as you don’t go on Saturday when it’s like Black Friday in there you’ll be okay. As long as you pre order even on Saturday afternoon you’ll be in and out in 5 minutes. Unlike other places in this state (Walgreens when i try to get my insomnia and anxiety prescriptions, I’m looking at you!) they don’t make you feel like a criminal. They are extremely helpful at the counter if you ask if they have a product that’s not on the website or ask them to recommend something similar. You don’t need an appointment, as long as you come anytime M-F or before rush hour on Saturday afternoon you can just walk in and get served very quickly. The only negative though it’s not enough to take away a Star is that for anyone who works a regular 9-6 job on weekdays the hours really suck during the week.