Deathloop is the crown jewel of their library of games. Let me highlight the positives for you all. The gunplay is satisfying, the mechanics and physics are well-implemented, and the story is told uniquely. If you loved the dishonored series like I did and enjoyed playing any of those then you’ll feel right at home here mechanically speaking it’s fantastic fun especially on the PS5. I absolutely love the world design, the colors and settings.

All the positively scored reviews that this game has makes no sense.

It is a feat of game design that they could structure a game like this and maintain a consistent high quality story. There are plenty of twists and turns and the way it all comes together is really beautiful. I also love Colt, Juliana, and the way it ends.

But beyond that, everything is just very meh or really bad. An assassin is caught in a deadly time-loop on an island full of enemies. In order to succeed, he’ll have to miranda lambert cowboy hats die, die and die again. Horrible motion sickness gameplay with no fluidity & convoluted gameplay. Wait until it’s available for free as that won’t be too long off.

Also a time travel story really fits the genre of rogue likes . I’ve loved Arkane’s games since I was young. I didn’t believe they could rip those four games…