Kids will love playing out stories with the students of Super Hero High. You can collect all of the DC Super Hero Girls action figures to add more power to your team . Includes 6-inch Wonder Woman action figure with accessory.

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He also has the aid of Elmo the Wonder Dog, a Great Dane who serves as his occasional steed and rescuer, and the “Dollplane”, which was deceptively presented as a model airplane in his study when not in use. In his adventures published during World War II, Doll Man was also frequently depicted riding a bald eagle. Many of you have been excited about the new Disney ily 4EVER dolls for a few weeks now, but it’s taken me this lon… No matter how hard my daughter tried, those limbs get lost. None of her MH dolls are still complete because of this.

I think its so great that Mattel made something for us comic book lovers in articulated doll form like this. I myselk have Poison Ivy my fav Batman villain before Miss Harley and Catwoman haha! But she’s still in box and I’ve been trying so hard to decide if I should unbox her or not. As the only one I haven’t seen in person, bumblebee has a really pretty skin tone and her hair is half real half painted on. Because she has that half shaved hair style. Did you known that at SDCC this year announced they would be making wonderwomans jet?

Personally, though, I felt constrained in my play by her inability to sit and the activation of the sound feature with every bump of her arms. The inside of the left thigh houses a small battery compartment. There is no on/off switch for the sound feature on this doll, so removing the batteries is the only way to play with her in silence. The hair is black with four blue streaks.