It doesn’t take them long to figure out the bat angles for the various pitch positions. In retrospect, one indicator of my younger son’s Bat Drag was that he was literally unable to hit off of a batting tee if the tee was placed closer than the toe of his front foot. He had to push the tee forward, or back up, in order to be able to hit the ball. Of course, that was poptoss because his back elbow was leaking forward and was causing his swing to unfold farther out front than was typical . This may sound complicated and as if it were for advanced hitters only, however, all young hitters should start to learn how to use the whole field and to look for pitches in different areas. The chart picture illustrates the areas of the strike zone.

The reason a change up is generally a better option than a breaking ball is because it has the same spin and ball flight as the fastball. Softball message board with discussions on softball hitting, softball pitching, coaching youth softball and where you can get softball drills and softball tips. I would have her do one hand drills to isolate which hand is the issue. Back hand controls up and down, as it goes into the slot.

They must take a shorter stride, keep their back leg close to the ground, and use an open stance when they bat. Hammerin’ Hank was a tremendous hitter, home runs aside. He won two batting titles, had 200 hits three times, and over 190 four other times.

When a lefty swings, the momentum of the bat is moving to the right—i.e. Toward first base—so he gets to run in the same direction he’s already moving. Righties, on the other hand, swing toward third base and have to break the momentum to sprint in the opposite direction. Dr. David A. Peters, a professor of engineering at Washington University in St. Louis , calculated that lefties’ momentum means they’re able to travel to first base about one-sixth of a second faster than righties.

On a very generalized level, the National League of the MLB is known for having more contact hitters, while the American League is known for having more power hitters. However, there are many exceptions to this principle. A team should have a good balance of both contact hitters and power hitters, as well as hitters who exhibit traits of both, to be offensively successful. If you have any question about any of these positions, please talk to your child’s coaches to see what they think. They may disagree with some of these views, but it’s more likely that they’ll have even more to add to it since they’ll be able to apply the above philosophies to the actual kids on the team.

Pepper games in baseball refer to any game where two teams play against each other, with the objective of preventing the other team from winning. It is a type of game that can be used as a tie-breaker or when one team has already won. In an offense-oriented league and an offense-oriented era, he was the best power hitter, the best average hitter, and the best at getting on base in the league. He was the best run scorer and the best run producer, and he was the best doubles hitter. For six straight years, Hornsby led the National League in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS, and OPS+. A right-handed Ty Cobb, Wagner won eight career batting titles and retired with lots of everything.

In a study released in 2017, however, researchers saw that the best combination for ballplayers was right-handed throwing and left-handed batting. In other words, players who are naturally right-handed but learn to bat left have greater odds for a promising baseball career. While some experts cast doubt on the findings, the study did open up debate about how to go about training young baseball players, and whether right-handers should learn to bat left early on. Because being left-handed has been seen as an advantage in baseball for many years, players who could bat, throw, or pitch left-handed got more looks from coaches and recruiters than right-handers. In this guide to left-handers in baseball, you’ll learn all about southpaw hitters, pitchers, and fielders, and why they have an advantage over right-handers. This means, the majority of breaking balls, will break toward the left-handed hitter.