Several Korean and Japanese BJD companies have posted notices warning against recast dolls.There is a strong resistance against these knockoff dolls within the BJD community. They are for example not allowed to be posted on the largest English BJD forum. A few BJDs are sold as bare unassembled parts in a kit, similar to a garage kit.

The biggest problem from the beginning was to achieve symmetry. Constantly measuring, sculpting, sanding and carving dolls’ parts not always gave the results I wanted. There were some days while shaping a torso for a few hours I’d see that one side is so much different than the other. I have some tricks on how to achieve that perfect symmetry for sculpting dolls’ face, but none of them was working on the separate pieces like legs or arms.

💖【Features】She is around 60cm(23.6 inches) height, and she wears gorgeous clothes we design for her. The origin of ball-jointed doll in modern history began in the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Around this time, ball-jointed doll made of bisque and an unglazed porcelain, and were being produced in countries like Germany and France. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but BJD (ball-jointed doll) has been my goal for more than a year now. However, leaving a full-time job and starting my own business forced me to postpone this idea.

Secure the molds with rubber bands.Cover Styrofoam core pieces with plastic wrap or masking tape, or the resin will sink into them. Add balls to the tops of the lower arms and legs, then cover them with plastic wrap. Add some clay to the bottoms of the upper arms and thighs, then squish the balls against them to create sockets. However, the customization and personalization aspects of these dolls are usually more emphasized in the BJD hobby.

The more costly BJDs have body elements which are cast in polyurethane resin and held together by thick elastic cords, making them fully articulated and highly poseable. Doll Leaves is a Hong Kong based ball jointed doll company introduced in April, 2010. The company produces both male and female dolls in sizes ranging from 12 cm to 70 cm in a variety of skin tones.

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Even though I didn’t get to complete this project, I learned a lot from the process. I learned to handle air dry clay, designing my doll, and gained more experience in sculpting a realistic figure. Are you looking for toy options that allow users to build their own dolls? You can opt for DIY diy ball joint doll that come with movable components and allow young kids to boost their creativity by being able to make their own creations. DIY dolls are also perfect for schools or craft workshops.

I didn’t get to that part that’s why my doll looks really rough. I decided to buy my supplies in my local craft shop and art store but most of the materials are not available. To minimise the costs I tried to find alternative materials for the project. For the core armature, I used Daiso paper clay instead of styrofoam.

Most Korean companies sell BJDs assembled but it is up to the buyer if they want the company to apply a faceup before delivery. Fullset BJDs are often, but not always, limited and come fully assembled, painted, and with clothes. About this item💖【Features】She is around 60cm(23.6 inches) height, and she wears gorgeous clothes we design for her. Compared with the same kind of dolls, she has rich facial details. Additionally, she has 19 developed rotatable joints and can make variant lifelike pose.

For the arms and legs, I used paper straws for the core. The core is important because you want your doll to be hollow for the elastic to run through it and you want the head and torso light so that the doll will stand unaided. Super Dollfie from VolksSuper Dollfie from Volks was the first line of modern Asian BJD. They set the range of sizes used what are shopkins shoppies by most companies. Volks have released a vast variety of different dolls, most of them limited editions, some in collaboration with fashion designers like Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and H. Volks has a number of stores in Japan and Korea, as well as one in Los Angeles. They also run the Super Dollfie museum, Tenshi-no-Sato in Kyoto, Japan.