Plus, if this is your first time styling butterfly locs, it may take a bit longer until you get the hang of it. When you do everything right, butterfly locs cause no harm to your hair. Yet, if the loc weighs too much, it drags your natural hair down, thus putting strain on it. To avoid this issue, entrust this task to a professional.

Be gentle and rinse directly at the scalp, avoiding drenching your locs more than necessary. Remember, there are layers of hair here, so it will take your hair a while to dry. The more gentle you are, the longer your butterfly locs will last. It’s also important for your hair to be nice and moisturized. As you’re braiding, use a product like Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Shine Pudding to keep hair strong and healthy throughout the life of the style.

You can choose from among them depending on the length and volume you’re looking for. Since butterfly locs is a relatively new trend, there aren’t a lot of companies producing pre-loc’d hair. The rest of this article will go over details for what kind of hair you should use depending on your preferred technique and how many packs you’ll need.

These locs also look better over time, again the messier the better so don’t be afraid to embrace the frizz as they age. Currently, there are only a few brands selling pre-loc’d Butterfly Locs, namely Janet Collection, Toyotress and Niseyo. But as the style grows in popularity, there’ll be sure to be more players and options on the market.

If you’ve been on the ‘gram searching for your next protective style, add the butterfly locs ahead to your saved tab for a cute — and blissfully pain-free — style. My shoulder-length, jumbo butterfly locs took almost two hours to install at the salon . wet hair dandruff It was relatively painless too, which my scalp appreciated. You’ll see a lot of tutorials using Marley’s braiding hair. Though synthetic, this hair has a beautiful texture that resembles the natural 4c type and can easily blend into a butterfly loc.

You can go with box braids for a more elaborate hair look or any other pattern. Also, instead of braiding, the strands can be twisted. To end the loc, you can make a loop at the bottom and create a knot or create a loop at the bottom, and start twisting back up the strand with the access hair.