He was appointed to serve as the Rosh Kollel of Shas Yiden-London. A second son-in-law, Harav Yisroel Shvirtz, is also one of theavreichim geonimin Shas Yiden-Yerushalayim. Bearing in mind that each of the avreichim had concluded Shas 5 times during the artribion ingredients course of the year, the total number of Shas completed by theavreichim geonimwas 470! These were all combined into one grand and inspiring Siyum Gadol. For the Nissan and Tishrei bein hazemanim, the avreichim geonim also receive two extra full checks.

Elyashiv, that all we have in these stories are an aspect of R. Elyashiv’s personality that really has nothing to do with absorption in Torah study. There have been plenty of great Torah scholars who were people-persons and conversationalists. This time, 62 Shas Yidengeonim faced a public test by three gedolei Yisroel, shlit”a, who tested them on the entire Shas b’iyun , in breadth, in lomdus and hekeif (all-embracing knowledge).

He has a blog where he discusses various topics and offers advice to his readers. Living a life of Torah and modesty is not always easy, but Chaim has found happiness and fulfillment in his chosen path. He loves spending time with his family and friends, and he enjoys learning and studying Torah. Rabbi Shaulson finally agreed to help them and they began meeting in a small room in the Agudath Harabonim building. The young men worked hard to build the synagogue and to create a strong community.

Kanievsky, whose unique greatness in Torah knowledge must be acknowledged by everyone, has made a number of astounding statements over the years. But this raises the question of why he should be the address for questions relating to political matters. 69, this should be contrasted with how it is told that R.

“Shas Yiden is unique in the Torah world,” he declared. On the morning after the Siyum they went to aLechaimin the home ofMaran Sar Hatorah, shlit”a. All were privileged to hear the inspiring and warm words ofMaran Hamashpiah Hagadol, Hatzadik RebElimelech Biderman, shlit”a, who has a special and close connection with Shas Yiden. In a dramatic speech, he described how the vision of the Pozna Rov, some 13 years earlier developed “skin and bones, veins and sinews” in such an amazing manner that there are now almost 100 Shas Yiden, something that is almost unbelievable and a cause for consternation. Among the audience were many Americans studying in Yeshiva in Israel, and whose parents are supporters of Shas Yiden.

When one says historical, one may ask that seeing that the Shas Yiden network has already had numerous historical farhers by rabbis who are gedolei Yisroel. Nevertheless, this latest farher broke another barrier. The respect that he has toward the founder of the kollelim was evident when he visited the holy home of R’ Chaim on Monday before the event.

The kedusha brings brachos and hashpaos to the one that uttered even one single word of Torah. Not only fielded questions on both known and obscure topics from the entire Shas, but were expected to be able to recite the page and context of each answer. To a man, those testing them said that in all their years they had never witnessed such a phenomenon as Shas Yiden, where the entire student body were so proficient and all knew the entire Talmud, Rashi and Tosfos by heart.

According to media reports, his three daughters – aged 13, 15 and 17 – are not studying either, after their father tried to register them into local Jewish school “Yavne,” which refused to admit them. Rav Meilich Biderman Shlit’a, who farhered the misaymei ha Shas prior to the siyum, expressed his deep emotions toward the yungeleit and the knowledge they possess on each blat. He added that this phenomenon has never existed since the writing of Talmid Bavli. The name “Shas Yidden” has gained traction far and wide and the yungeleit cherish a special relationship with HaGoan R’ Chaim Kanievsky Shlit’a the leader of all Kollelim. On countless occasions the Gaon farhered the yungeleit on the entire Shas and was amazed at the depth of their answers. Founder, the Pozna Rov, Hagaon Harav Avrohom Eisen, shlit”a, to open further kollelim.

Planning is underway for a sixth kollel to open by Kislev 5782 . Praised are thesetalmidei chachomim, most outstanding in Torah, who know the entire Shas Bavli in breadth and depth. They areEmesdikeShas Yidenwhom I have tested personally, and I saw that they were extremely knowledgeable in the entire Shas. The second examiner wasMaran Hagaon HaravAvrohom Direnfeld, Rosh Kollelei Iyun of Belz, Rav of Kehillot Belz in Tel-Aviv and Beit Shemesh, a member of Badatz Machazikei Hadas.