Many of the tallits we sell come with a matching bag option, and for those buying a traditional wool tallit with black or white stripes, most tallit bags will fit and match nicely. The additional squares of colored fabric on the corners aren’t strictly necessary, so you could skip them and simply sew circles of stitches to reinforce the tzitzit holes. They help keep the tallit fabric from tearing, and they give you an excellent opportunity to personalize the prayer shawl through the material you choose. Touting Judaica for every moment of life, the welcoming vibe of Yussel’s Place is worth a special schlep to Long Island just to choose the perfect tallit for a bar or bat mitzvah to-be. There’s nothing like trying on the real thing at age 12 and imagining standing at the bimah.

That’s why our tallit store offers a wide selection, from the traditional tallit in wool with various tzitzit options, to modern and handmade tallit sets in wool, silk and cotton. If you’re looking for a bar mitzvah tallit or a uzi pfp wedding tallit, you’re sure to find the right look for the bar mitzvah boy or groom. The Prima and Prima A.A., which feature top-quality weave and finishing work, are available with black stripes, white stripes or blue stripes.

We include a package of tzitzit strings from Israel, and instructions for tying your own tzitzits, which is the best tradition. Obviously you’ll need to buy kosher tzitzit strings. Although you may only need four, they are always sold in packages of 16 – enough for a tallit. If you buy tzitzit online, expect to pay $5-$10 for machine-spun tzitzit strings and $10-$20 for hand-spun, which are preferred for halachic reasons.

Whether you opt for a white-, blue- or black-striped tallit, the raison d’être of the Jewish prayer shawl is the tzitzit. Most modern tallitot come with machine-spun tzitzit. If you buy a quality wool tallit, we recommend you spend a few more dollars on hand-spun tzitzit, or tekhelet, for those who opt for blue tzitzit. needs all CSS files to be minified and compressed as it can save up to 251.8 kB or 82% of the original size. If unsure and you live near a decent sized Reform synagogue (some other denominations do this, too, but more reliable per comments I’ve seen online at Reform synagogues) call them and ask if they have a gift shop. If they do and they don’t carry one you like, they’ll be able to use their synagogue buying power to help you get a nice kosher one in a style you like and they’ll get a small percentage. However lately I’ve seen some specialty stores selling cashmere Tallit, which would go against the consensus I mentioned. So we have established that wool and linen are undisputedly the best option for tzizis, as far as the Biblical miztva of tzitzis is concerned.

Click here to see a website selling linen tzizis with techelet, which questionable according to what we have seen. Our Tallits are about 21″ – 22″ wide and 8′ long plus fringe, which makes them the narrower, around the shoulders version rather than the larger over the head type. They are made from a single fiber, 100% cotton, and the four fringes are made from the same fiber. Of course you could add your own, in any of the traditional styles. There are many opinions about what makes a proper Tallit, but we feel confident ours are appropriate to wear in Temple in most places, as well as at home.