This round is worked a little differently because you will be alternating a dc and a cluster stitch. After working all those half double crochets in the body of the blanket, you might find yourself trying to make those striped crochet blanket again. Continue repeating row 2 for a total of 91 rows. At the end of the last row, do not finish off. The stripe pattern is on the following page. Pattern is made using the moss stitch, which is a 2 row repeat.

Down below you’ll find a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to seamlessly change colors when making a crochet striped blanket. Since you will be changing colors for this mixed striped crochet blanket, I wanted to show you how I seamlessly change colors when crocheting. Lastly, this light, airy blanket works up quickly with super bulky yarn and a size Q crochet hook.

Due to me not counting each row of stitches, mine turned out a little more wavy on one end too. I thought about buying some blanket binding to sew all the way around this blanket so it would be nice and straight covering up those wavy ends. Since the yarn I used was all vintage I decided to just sc and hdc in the valleys, and I made two rows on each end of this blanket. I did not tuck the ends of the rows in.

This Crochet Rainbow Striped Blanket is a new and fun way to use the classic moss stitch. Whether you use this blanket as a Rainbow Baby blanket or you just want a bit of color; the Rainbow Stripe Blanket is sure to fit your needs. Carry on repeating rows 3-6 until you are happy with the length.

This stripy throw works fast with a simple afghan stitch, and the free crochet blanket pattern is beginner-friendly. You’ll like its beautiful eyelet design. Choose your favorite colors and make a cozy decoration for the interior of your room.

Work up a few in neutral yarns to have on hand whenever you need a handmade gift. Find original free pattern, or read more about it onRavelry. Find original free pattern onwindingroadcrochet.comor read more about it onRavelry. Make sure you read the care directions closely so your hard work ages gracefully. Using the picture as guidance, attach your flowers and leaves to the corner of your blanket by stitching carefully in place.

This blanket is crocheted entirely with half double crochet stitches worked in spaces between the hdc stitches of previous row. Follow the pattern as written, using the color indicated for each row. You can easily adjust the size of your blanket by crocheting for more rows or fewer rows and by adding stitches to the original chain.