The proportion of students reveiving financial aid had a slight decrease, but it’s still around 93%. This parameter tells you how many students there are at a college for every faculty member. Thus, a lower value typically indicates that classes are more reduced and personalized.

This is home to more than 16,000 students from all 50 US states and 91 other countries. The people who teach at the university are some of the best in the country. The average class size is 26, and there are 13 students for every one teacher.

Have been chosen for one of best colleges in next area of majors. As part of the Illuminate Academic Strategic Plan and Baylor’s Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, Baylor has established lsat powerprep goals for student achievement measures through the year 2027. The tables below represent the current status of student achievement and progress toward those institutional goals.

This nationally recognized program provides an interdisciplinary foundation for health science studies. The degree includes a traditional plan and a pre-clinical track. This graduate program also reports a 100 percent graduation rate. Baylor University offers high-quality degree programs in a positive environment.Baylor offers a wide variety of popular majors and academic programs. These degree programs are offered through colleges such as the Baylor College of Medicine and the College of Arts & Sciences among others. It’s also known for ranking in the top 100 national universities, according to the US News & World Report.

Additional 43 students graduated within 6 years, usually referred as 150% normal time. With a six year graduation rate of 10.0% ,returning students in the Baylor class of 2016 who attended classespart-time were among the least likely in the nation to graduate in a reasonable time. Studies have shown that high-achieving students are more likely to complete their degree on time. Given the academic preparedness of the first-time / full-time students accepted to Baylor , we expected that after six years about 80.0% of them would have completed their undergraduate degree. Graduation rates demonstrate the percentage of students who complete their educational goals and to do so in an expected timeframe.

Therefore, people interested in a vibrant party scene may be better served at another university. Meaning that more students are finding the right environment to advance and complete their program. So far, we know how the annual cost and financial aid have varied over the last years at Baylor. But now it’s time to find out if there are enough freshmen receiving this benefit. We can find the answer to that question by simply looking at the graduation rate of the school, which is the percentage of students who completed their program. On the other hand,a bad first-year experience will induce more students to drop outor transfer to another college, causing the retention rate to decrease.

A bachelor’s degree from Baylor is a good way to increase your chances of career success. With over 350 clubs and organizations, it’s no wonder students balance their “rigorous course loads” with plenty of other activities. And with over 40 sororities and fraternities, that means Baylor’s campus features a booming Greek life. The university had a graduation rate of just over 60% of its full class size, which is fairly standard for a large university. My time at the university was so intense that I ended up dropping out in the first semester. I had a few other academic courses during the semester that I ended up missing due to my academic failures.

The term Ivy League is used to describe eight of the oldest and most prestigious private universities in the US, all in the northeastern part of the country. While Baylor is not part of this group, it’s still a highly regarded private research institution in its own right. Where you choose to study is just as important as what you choose to study, and in this article, we aim to answer all your questions about Baylor University. We’ll also go over Baylor reviews and Baylor rankings available today. Get a personalized plan for a competitive application from an admissions expert. For my final year of college, I took a class at the University of Texas.