Julie, the queen of schemes, told Erika that Rima felt she was brainwashing her and broke up their friendship. In part one of the reunion, the BGs reunite in LA to hash out the drama that unfolded during the season but spitfire Andrea is thirsty for revenge. I think all the girls are beautiful in some way and in the end I think they all had something that made me fully respect and like them!! There was no one girl I fully hate or fully like. Rima- i looooved her in the beginning and rooted for her during the bullying.

Andrea’s attitude puts her in the other girls’ crosshairs and Ashley steps up to the plate to teach Andrea a lesson. The Bad Girls are ready to take Mexico by storm, but tempers run south of the border when instant rivalries are formed. Make sure to watch the reunion clips, omfg I can’t wait. Rima used to be my dominos cameron tx favorite in the beginning when the others were against her, but once Erika left and everybody was cool with her I started disliking the way she was acting. Fallen- thought she was cool at first but later I felt she had sheep mentality. However at the end she doesn’t really care or engage and I respect that.

I’m sure they plotted their revenge, especially Meghan, for a minute. But the fact that production didn’t stop the fighting until Falen started getting hit, after a very long time. Whether or not production thought it should have been allowed, which it shouldn’t have been or they kept it going for ratings, the fact of it is, it’s a game. Everyone gets paid for being on this game.

Mehgan’s lingerie themed birthday party forces the girls to… Mehgan’s lingerie themed birthday party forces the girls to put their differences aside but after a spa day the house becomes further divided. Mehgan’s lingerie themed birthday party forces the girls to put their differences aside. Several bad girls appeared in many spin-offs after the filming of this season.Erika Jordan and Julie Ofcharsky both appeared in season 1 of Bad Girls All-Star Battle. Erika withdrew from the competition prior to an injury, while Julie was eliminated.

Erika, Christina, Mehgan and Andrea all made an appearance in the season finale for a photo shoot. Christina was removed from the house in episode 7 after starting a physical altercation with Rima. Erika was removed from the house in episode 5 after a physical altercation with Rima. Mehgan left the house after physically attacking Rima and Falen. In episode 1 they had a fight, episode 2 they had another fight, and in episode 8 they had two fights.

I also really liked when she went against her group and talked to rima. Link your TV provider to stream full episodes and live TV. The Bad Girls are ready to take Mexico by storm; tempers run hot when instant rivalries are formed. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified.

Andrea replaced Erika in episode 5 and sided with Ashley, Christina and Rima when she felt the hate from Falen, Julie and Meghan. Meghan and Rima grouped together really quick walking into the house. On their first night out, Ashley, Christina, Erika and Rima danced on the bar and showed their underwear, embarrasing Falen, Julie and Meghan.

Christina’s fiery temper targets Ashley, putting their friendship on thin ice and pushing Ashley to her breaking point. Andrea left the house voluntarily after a physical altercation with Julie, Falen, and Rima. 1.56Tempers flare when the girls are surprised to find their old roommates with unfinished business back at the house for an explosive photoshoot. Meanwhile, Falen & Julie’s sexy hook-up has them unsure of their future together. Model, video vixen and reality star who was a replacement on the hit Oxygen reality series Bad Girls Club season 9. She was featured in music videos by artists including 50 Cent, Ray J,Ne-Yoand others.