The most celebrated of all American sopranos, Aretha Franklin, is still doing it all on her own. Her voice still inspires people from all across the country and the world.

Aretha Franklin’s body of work is a testament to how the power of the human voice has always been a force of good. So it’s not too surprising that her voice and the work she’s done for decades still inspire so many people. But it is because we love her that we continue to pay tribute to her in different ways. For example, when she was a child, her mother’s cousin got her her first trumpet at the age of two.

It is because she is a singer that we continue to honor her. She is a great singer, but her music is so much more. She is the reason that all the great Americana artists (such as Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, The Beatles) still get to sing their songs. To her music, I say “goodbye”.

Here’s a recent song I wrote that includes a little of her music. I’m hoping that it will inspire you to write your own songs.

Aretha was a singer and was the youngest person to have a hit song recorded when she was 13 years old. She was the second woman to have a hit song recorded with an orchestra when she was 15 years old, and is the first person to receive a Grammy for her album. Her songs are filled with gospel inspiration and she has been called one of the most influential artists in American gospel music. She has also been called the “Queen of Gospel.

Aretha was born in Nashville, Tennessee and grew up in the city of Montgomery, Alabama. She was a member of The Dixie Chicks, a band that was formed by young Black women and became influential in Black music. She has sold over 15 million records and is still relevant to Black America.

That’s right, we’ve known for awhile just how rich Aretha is. She’s one of the most prolific and successful musicians of all time, and her music has been used for countless movies, TV shows, commercials, and even a Broadway show. But she’s not just your average music icon.

Just like any other icon, Aretha Franklin just continues to expand her horizons. She has a new show on Broadway called Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and shes playing at the Hollywood Bowl. And like all icons, she has more great music than you ever thought possible. Her own autobiography is called The Diary of a Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, and her latest album is called Time to Live and Time to Love.

This woman has a whole line of musicals. Including songs you can hear on this show. The first show of the season she will be singing is “I Just Called to Say I Loved You”. The second show is called “I’d Rather Be With You”. The third show is called “I’m a Man”. And the fourth show is called “Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady”.

This is just a list of all the amazing songs from the latest album by the #1 country music superstar. I can’t wait for you to hear them.