Unfortunately, sometimes real and honest reviews get swept up and disappear – and other times, it seems like it’s nearly impossible to get Google to remove a fake or spam review. If your business sells products locally, but you also ship products across the country or across the world, you need to set up your Google Business Profile account to recognize this fact. From within your Google My Business account, you need to tell Google where you ship products.

Instead, we request an additional review write-up for our website. Google is onto this and can trace if the reviews are all coming from the same IP address. Instead, you should try a safer option of sending email requests and SMS to your customer’s personal devices. Google’s review filter runs periodically and removes reviews permanently due to a policy violation. Reviews on your listing may stick for months and then suddenly vanish at the same time like several other reviews. This is because the algorithm does not check each review before it is posted.

Search engines and review sites must have confidence that a business is a legitimate business. When the business is not listed consistently online, confidence drops. When one of the points listed above happens, confidence drops. Ultimately, it is not the responsibility of theses sites to display any review it doesn’t have confidence in.

You’d probably want to make these disappear as fast as possible. And under certain circumstances, this is even possible. Experienced suspension chaos, it seems another Google bug is doing the rounds in GBP once again. This time, users have reported instances in which their all-important business reviews have gone missing entirely—gulp.

This is a problem I see frequently – and was the problem for the client I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Some business owners are TOO good at coaching their customers on leaving a review for their business – This is what happened with my client. Ask for a Google review, but don’t over-coach your customers how to leave a review and never offer a pre-made review or a pre-made template for them to copy. While Google doesn’t outline every aspect of their spam detection algorithm, they do provide specific Google review content guidelines. If a Google review has been deleted from your business page, ask yourself the following questions to help narrow down the reason your Google Business Profile review went missing.

This way your business profile on Google should get back to normal. If you are still not able to see your reviews, my google reviews disappeared cache clearing might help. Duplicate reviews can be caused by using certain review generation platforms.