The drum magazine is a new publication that focuses on the newest and most innovative drum kits. It features interviews with the most active and active drummers, interviews with drum techs, articles about drumming equipment, and reviews of the newest new kits.

The drum magazine is definitely a lot of fun to read. It’s a great way to learn about the latest drum kit technology as well as the latest music releases.

Definitely a great new magazine to check out. It’s written by some of the best drummers and equipment experts around. Also, it’s a great way to see if you like your new kit.

The only issue I haven’t read yet is the one about new kits. I want one of those because they’re pretty dope, but I have to wait to get this one. The issue that comes out with the new kits has been pretty heavy on drumming stuff, but not so much on drum tech. It’s going to be interesting to see which people like their kits and which don’t.

Well, I have to say that there is something for everyone in this issue. There are over 30 pages long, so there is some stuff that you will want to skip over. But I will say that it is an awesome cover shoot of some of the best drummers around. It looks like they have a lot more of the new stuff in the magazine then I thought. It’s just got to be the best drum magazine, IMO.

I’m in the same camp of the “I want to like it and I don’t” category. I read this issue and just felt like I should try to like it just because I love everything about it. I did not like the cover, I like the story, I just don’t think that the cover is super awesome. Maybe I’m just being an old person, but I don’t think that the cover is the best part of the issue.

I think that the cover of the magazine is really good. The color scheme is really cool. The cover is a little dark but very cool. The story was really good, the magazine is pretty decent. And the drum magazine sounds interesting.

I do not like the cover of the drum magazine. I think the colors are a bit too dark, but the cover is really cool. The cover is cool and the story is good. The drum magazine sounds really cool. The magazine is good. The magazine sounds good.

The drum magazine sounds really good. The cover is a dark color. The story is a little dark. The drum magazine sounds really cool.