Obviously, if you feel unwell when taking the antibiotics you should see your GP. A. It is difficult to be precise about the diagnosis. You did not say whether the blisters were itchy or not, nor how old you are. The armpit is a common site for such reactions, as the dye or detergent needs to be leached out of the clothing, ie by sweat, before the skin can react to it. A. People develop acne at certain sites because of the activity of the sebaceous glands at those sites. Some people have most active glands on the face and only get spots on the face.

You may not notice a skin tag when it first forms, because often they are the same color or only slightly darker than your natural skin tone. 5 reasons to see a dermatologist for mole, skin tag removal. Diabetes can cause proctitis through fungal infections or yeast infection such as Candida.

From your description, you could have eczema or psoriasis. It is unlikely to be any sort of infection although this area often becomes secondarily contaminated with bacteria or yeasts. This leads to a vicious cycle of itch and scratch which you need to break.

In addition, pressure during pregnancy can cause angiokeratoma of the vulva. Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in your circulatory system. They’re so tiny that you need a microscope to see skin tags testicles them. Skin diseases also known as dermatologic disorders are many in number and so are their causes. The common skin diseases or skin disorders are usually related to the epidermal layer of skin.

Rarely a prolapse of the anus showing the inner lining of the rectum can occur as can a fissure in the anal ring which can be particularly itchy and sore. Diabetes can also sometimes shows itself this way so it might be a good idea to see your doctor. Unlike some of the questioners though, I have not had any ‘red mottled’ effect on my head, nor any itching, nor any discharge. For about a couple of months now I have been concerned about what can be descibed as warty type lumps underneath the top part of my foreskin. It started off with a lot of iching around this area, then the appearence of these warts.

Some people opt for treatment if the bumps bleed, cause pain or affect appearance. Skin Cancer Skin cancers occur when skin cells undergo malignant transformations and grow into tumors. The most common types of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, are highly curable when they are diagnosed and treated early. Sun exposure, tanning beds, depressed immune system, radiation exposure, and certain viral infections are risk factors for skin cancer. Skin cancers are treated with surgery or radiation. The prognosis of nonmelanoma skin cancers is generally very good.