Travel Channel has certainly gone the way of most cable niche channels. Veering further and further away from the core of what made the channel successful to begin with. I’m also tired of their never ending Top 10 lists. These used to be fun when they were first introduced- Top 10 tallest roller coasters, or haunted castles you can stay at, or camp grounds around the world. But now it seems to be Top 10 sexiest something- beaches, hidden waterfalls, hotels, more beaches, oh and, beaches- like the only reason people travel is to see topless Brazilians on a beach. To be really cynical, perhaps advertisers don’t want us to travel, since how would we see their commercials?

Eaten Alive was a television program in which wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie was purportedly going to be “eaten alive” by an anaconda. When the special aired, the anaconda attacked Rosolie but did not swallow him, as its title had implied, prompting numerous complaints of a bait and switch. It was later determined that the decision not to investigate the issue was made by Beyond Productions, the MythBusters production company, and was not made by Discovery Channel or their advertising department. In South Africa, Discovery Channel shares a schedule and programming with all of Africa, the Middle East and Turkey. Discovery Channel and sibling channels Discovery World, TLC, Investigation Discovery and Animal Planet are available on the DStv/Multichoice platform. In South East Asia, Discovery Channel is available on digital subscription television.

THEN when you scrub the video back to where you were you get ANOTHER 6 commercials. It constantly jumps into the blurriest video I have ever seen , to the point where words look like fluffy clouds, why does this mode even exist? Even if you pause for an hour it only buffers about 2 seconds of good video ahead before switching back to 060p resolution.

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