Molly is offended by the term and shuts it down despite Hardin and Tessa’s insistence that she is. Molly then asks if it’s true that Tessa is a dumbass for getting back together with Hardin after their relationship was nothing more than a bet. When Tessa declines this, Molly presses that it is true and begins to taunt Tessa with innuendos regarding her previous fling with Hardin. Tessa is dancing when she finds Hardin coming downstairs, and they decide to leave. They are intercepted by Molly on their way out, and her snide remarks are enough to prompt Tessa to stay for one more drink against Hardin’s better judgment.

She then asks Trish how long the nightmares have been going on. Trish begins to explain what happened that night, when Tessa cuts her off, saying that he told her about what happened and what he saw. She spends the rest of the day cleaning up the apartment and packing the rest of her things, just as the door to the apartment opens and Hardin enters. Tessa hides out of sight so as not to be seen, nick’s old fashion hamburger and overhears him talking to an English woman and offering to run her a bath. The woman recounts when they used to take baths together and Tessa shows herself in the doorframe, only to be shocked to see Hardin with his mother. He can tell that she isn’t entirely okay with what happened last night to which she agrees, but she refuses to talk about it as he hurt her and she can’t forgive him.

When Noah calls her, she ignores the call and tells Hardin that she intends to break up with Noah. Hardin tells her not to break up with her boyfriend on his account, since he doesn’t date. This infuriates Tessa, who warns Hardin never to speak to her again.

Hardin’s mother scolds his antics and stresses the need to forgive his father for walking out on them. Stay tuned to get more updates on the age rating of all movies, tv shows, Netflix, books, and games. After We Collided has been rated R for sexual content, language throughout, and some drug material.

AFTER WE COLLIDED begins a month after a breakup between two young adults, Hardin and Tessa. In fact, she just got a new internship at a publishing company. Meanwhile, Hardin keeps pursing Tessa via texts and phone calls, hoping that they can reconnect.

Landon’s mother, Karen, is so warm and kind to Tessa that Tessa frequently wishes her mother could be more supportive and inviting, like Karen. Tessa’s father left their family when she was young, forcing Tessa’s mother to work constantly to provide for herself and her daughter. Tessa and Hardin go to look at apartments and accept one that suits Tessa’s taste exactly. They sign the contract, and Hardin agrees to pay for the rent while Tessa pays for the utilities. They settle into life in their new apartment, enjoying the privacy until Hardin ruins the mood by not coming home one night. When she goes to Hardin and admits to him that she loves him, he tells her that he loves her more than anyone in the world.

As previously mentioned, Bridgerton is not intended for all audiences. … On Common Sense Media, they note that sex, nudity, and smoking in this “sumptuous, diverse period drama” account for most of its TV-MA rating. There are no additional scenes that would likely scare or disturb children in this age group. Repeated exposure to violent content can reinforce the message that violence is an acceptable means of conflict resolution.

The second week was lighter with the third really getting into the regular and sexy scenes. On July 20, 2020, the third clip from the film was released. It featured Tessa entering Vance Publishing and meeting Trevor Matthews for the first time in the elevator.

This is news to Tessa, who didn’t know that Hardin knew Vance from before. She then storms off down the hallway to join Vance, Kimberly, and Trevor in the lobby downstairs. She meets up with Trevor who brought her a latte while she returns his glasses. He is worried that Hardin is still lurking around, but she assures him that Hardin should be the one hiding and they aren’t together. She asks how he knows Hardin to which Trevor explains that Hardin worked at Vance last year in the same position as Tessa.

Hardin Scott and Tessa Young go through the aftermath of their break up. While Hardin falls into some bad habits, Tessa, armed with a new confidence, lands the internship of her dreams at Vance Publishing company. While at Vance, she also grabs the attention of her handsome new co-worker Trevor , who is exactly the kind of guy she should be with. He is smart, funny, handsome and responsible; however, Tessa cannot get Hardin out of her head. Even with all their misunderstandings and hardships, Tessa can’t deny the pull she feels towards Hardin.