The most correct answer is probably something like this song, which you already know you want to run to. A good, old-fashioned house track should be all the motivation you need to get through your next set, and this one sounds just like a sunny vacation. If there were ever a song made for squatting heavy things, it’s this. Your booty-sculpting game will never be the same. Hit play on this muy caliente canción, which will have you feelin’ sweaty and steamy in more ways than one. This high-intensity song will push you through that tough incline or endurance sprint — though you may be tempted to take a brief dance break.

The lyrics are a war cry and, in the video, Janet herself inspires us to go to the gym for life. But don’t worry; her esthetics are everyone’s steeple of great health. If you’re looking for some inspiration to get you started, this song is a fantastic place to start. Vibe out to the bouncy pace of Grande’s voice and let the pop music move your body effortlessly.

This serious bop off the Black Panther soundtrack is the ideal track to blast while you ~pound that iron~. As the Head Editor at Music Grotto, Liam edits content produced from over 30 plastic knife self defense professional music/media journalists and contributing writers. He works closely with journalists and other staff to format and publish music content for the Music Grotto website.

So let’s jump into the workout world of Olivia Newton John and Richard Simmons and uncover 10 of the best 80s workout tracks to complete the perfect throwback gym playlist. At first listen, this doesn’t sound like the rest of the songs here. But, Rama says, it’s worth a listen because of its infectiously great energy—a must when you’re feeling down. Beyond tempo, lyrics also serve as a source of inspiration. “I recommend listening to music that promotes positive self-talk,” Rama says.

This upbeat jam will help you pick up the pace on the treadmill or the trail. Use your smartphone with an armband, or use your smartwatch with bluetooth headphones for an easy way to workout with music. You can also buy a cheaper mp3 player with a built in clip to attach it to your shorts. While rap may still have been in its infancy in the mid-late 80s, there’s one song that dominated gym radio. Sometimes you’ve got to add a little swagger to your gym routine and “It’s Tricky” does just that.

He even threw some funk into the mix to give the track some uniqueness. Billie is a musician that performs as a singer-songwriter. Her debut song, “Ocean Eyes,” brought her to the notice of the public at large in 2015. In “Bad Guy”, the combination of Eilish’s soothing vocals and the badass instrumentals will hold your focus throughout the track. Even though the bass is excellent, the lyrics are simple enough to fit with any exercise regimen.

The right tunes can help make or break a workout. Go ahead and make a new mixtape–er, I mean update your iPod or mp3 player–with a blast from the past using these “made in the ’80s” tunes next time you exercise. Oh, to go back to the days when we were teens lifting weights in front of our childhood bedrooms’ mirrors. You’ll find yourself moving without even realizing it when listening to this 2016 hit by the 6 God.

It is physically impossible to sit still while listening to “1999.” Also impossible? Getting this song unstuck from your head. Shoutout to the DJ at our middle school dance who introduced us to this number.

Here’s my playlist of 50 songs from the 80’s to keep you going strong throughout your workout. So put on your leggings, strap on your headband, turn the boombox up to 10, and let’s do this thing. Hopefully this playlist will be just what you need to add that extra dose of power and motivation for a great workout today. Music gives you the extra push you need to power through the tough parts of your workout and keep you going strong the whole time. You’ll also find yourself enjoying your workout more when listening to songs.

This channel offers the best workout music to keep you going. It’s almost a crime to exclude it from your next at-home Zumba playlist. There’s a reason “Uptown Funk” is a fan fave at road race starting lines and along running courses.