The field is changing every day, and the specialized knowledge and skills of an orthotist/prosthetist is well compensated. Occupational Therapy is closely related to Physical Therapy (#26 above), in that both are dedicated to helping people recover and improve their capabilities after injury or sickness. Occupational therapists need at least a master’s degree, rather than a doctorate, and must be licensed in the state where they practice. It’s easy for laypeople to say there are too many lawyers, but that’s willfully forgetting just how critical lawyers are for just about every aspect of business, government, entertainment, healthcare, and more. Lawyers protect the accused from injustice, keep businesses on the straight and narrow, help families manage their assets in life transitions, and provide legal counsel when someone has been wronged. Lawyers need a Juris Doctor degree and licensure from their state Bar Association to practice, and their long hours, high stress, and big responsibility is repaid in a high median salary.

Web Developers make the internet what it is, designing and building websites and pages to work at their best. While web developers may design the look of sites, they are more often responsible for the technical functioning of the site . Developers must be well-versed in the most common programming languages for the web, and keep up with new developments as well. A bachelor’s or master’s degree can be helpful for getting skidmore acceptance rate 2021 work in the field, but certifications, continuing education, and workshops may be more important for staying current. Businesses in the 21st century rise and fall on their communication, and the computer network architect is a crucial part of keeping communication going. The computer network architect designs data communication networks, which may be as small as one company’s intranet, to vast cloud networks.

The Compliance Officer is one of the most important positions in any major corporation, though they’re not necessarily the person executives want to see come calling. The compliance officers’ job is to make sure a business is operating within proper legal and ethical boundaries, and that a company is keeping up with regulations, industry standards, and internal policies. In other words, the compliance officer keeps a company out of trouble, and even if no one wants to get an email from their compliance officer, they’re well-rewarded in pay for such a critical job. In the era of Big Data, Database Administrators are among the most important members of any corporate team.

This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. To keep the comparisons simple, I will use only Payscale’s self-reported data. Even with the potential skew that comes from its survey, the Payscale sample includes graduates who did not take out federal loans, eliminating one of the major shortcomings of the College Scorecard. Finally, an education can be valuable in ways that are not measured by money.

Many graduates of these top colleges also go on to top-notch graduate and professional schools, where they earn the entry-level credentials necessary for careers in law, business and finance, medicine, and academia. Their undergraduate degrees give them an advantage that accumulates – a momentum toward success that less highly ranked institutions find hard to match. The interactive web tool below allows the user to see how much college graduates earn by 15 major groups and 137 detailed major subgroups nationally and within states. We found that among college graduates with the same majors, earnings vary by state. For example, business is the most common major, accounting for 26 percent of college graduates.

Department of Education, devotes a statistically rich chapter to it. Ans.In India, the state of Tamil Nadu is known for paying the lowest salary as evidenced by data collected from what government teachers are paid in Tamil Nadu. The salary of a teacher tends to vary depending upon the level that they are employed in. Like a primary teacher might earn INR 15,000 per month while a high school teacher will earn INR 22,000 per month.

He recently completed a technical communication diploma and holds previous university degrees in journalism, sociology and criminology. David has covered a wide variety of financial and lifestyle topics for numerous publications and has experience copywriting for the retail industry. Finally, in addition to the advantages mentioned above, graduates of private colleges often enjoy even more benefits that can last for the rest of their lives. Students usually apply and prefer going to the cheapest universities in USA for Indian students suggested by their friends or relatives and rarely try to research and figure out things on their own.

Founded by Thomas Jefferson, the public university enrolls approximately 16,777 undergraduate students and is known for its law and business schools as well as for its strong athletics program. University of California, Irvine, is one of 10 campuses in the University of California school system. In 2018, the public university enrolled approximately 29,736 undergraduate students.

If you’re looking for the degree requirements for cheap universities, it’s important to understand that the requirements for both admission and graduation will vary based on the school and program you choose. If you are thinking of attending a certain university, make sure to review their admission requirements carefully. Deciding whether or not to attend college can be a daunting life choice. It’s no secret that the costs of college keep getting more expensive, which may require students to take out loans or apply for grants. According to a recent report from, the average cost of college in America is now $35,720 per student, per year.