I’ve always been interested in book cover design and one of my goals has been to either be involved in book cover design or have my artwork licensed an used… People commissioned them to give as gifts to their loved ones to carry with them. In this way, miniatures were similar to modern wallet photographs. It also comes with a collection of original animation strips. All About ….Victorian Toys, Chertsey Museum, UK Photographs and short histories of various toys from the Victorian era. Toys like these might be found under the Christmas tree at King Manor when John King and his children lived there in the 1850’s.

The company was started in 1859 by Theodor and Caroline Marklin shortly after their marriage. The couple built metal toys for doll house kitchens; this was a natural progression from Theodor’s job as freaky fusion dolls a sheet metal worker. From the outset they ran the business together; he was responsible for production, she for sales. Caroline was one of the first, if not the first, female sales representative.

But the industry’s advertising patterns suggest it is more interested in pushing boys’ toys than altering toy-buying patterns. Among the most advertised toys in 1993, 11 of the top 15 were aimed at boys, three at girls, and one was gender-neutral, according to an ad-tracking firm. Antique Victorian marbles, dating from 1800s, made from clay.

However, one of their most famous creations was a clock that played nine tunes. Boys account for 60% of toy purchases among kids aged four to seven. In the 1830s the toymaker Benjamin Potter Crandall sold doll carriages billed as “the first baby carriages manufactured in America” for $1.50. The first model was a simple carriage with two wheels and no rear axle. Later carriages were elegant four-wheeled machines with springs and fringed tops. A Crandall doll carriage made in 1867 even had a leather hood.

Like many toys, some dolls are not designed for children at all, but are made to appeal directly to the play instinct latent in most adults. How a wind-up toy works relies on a part called a torsion spring. When you turn the knob or key, tension builds up on the torsion spring. When you stop winding, the accumulated energy sets an inner gear in motion that powers the movement of the toy. Find a collection of antique and vintage wind-up toys on 1stDibs. The most popular marbles game is called “Ringer,” where kids attempt to drive one another’s marbles out of a circle drawn in the dirt.

The next time you play pick-up sticks, you will know that you are having fun just as children in ancient times did. Today, we think of Hopscotch as a children’s game, particularly for girls. The game of Hopscotch is featured in “The Boy’s Own Book” by William Clark, first published in 1829. This book was considered “A popular encyclopedia of the sports and pastimes of youth.” Interestingly, the game of hopscotch is not featured in “The Girl’s Own Book” by L.

7″ x 10″ Slate Chalk Board (in 8 1/2″ x 11 3/4″ frame) has an unfinished wood frame around the Real Slate chalk board. Finding that orange weighting the toe of my fancy Christmas stocking somehow anchored me to a time my father found worth remembering. Your large, round stencil was used to label wooden barrels of cranberries shipped from New Bedford (“N.B.”), Mass., to Philadelphia. It probably dates from the late 19th or early 20th century.