Even though this is one of the smaller islands in Greece, it is also one of the most popular. With more than 60 picturesque beaches and a landscape dotted with pine trees, Skiathos is a dream come true for nature lovers. Delos is the best island for history buffs and people interested in the religion of the islands and ancient Greece.

It is hoped to benefit both tourists and locals by improving the connections to the southern part of the island and by reducing accidents. The new road section forms part of the route between Messara in the south and Crete’s largest city Heraklion, which houses the island’s airport and principal ferry links with mainland Greece. Traffic speeds on the new road will increase by 19 km/hour (from 29 km/hour to 48 km/hour), which should reduce journey times between Messara and Heraklion by 55 minutes. The scheme is also expected to improve road safety by cutting the number of accidents along the route.

Still, there is a place on Crete where you can party the whole night and this is Malia resort, a beautiful resort located on the northern coast of Heraklion. Crete, the biggest island in Greece is not famous for its endless parties so those of you who are looking to party till morning should go to Mykonos or even Santorini. As we wanted to explore as much as we can from the largest Greek island we chose to rent a car and drive from one beach to another.

This island has yet to be discovered by mass tourism, which makes it an excellent destination if you want to avoid the crowds. On the island, there are some incredibly beautiful beaches, amazing hiking trails, and high mountains to explore. Also known as Euboea, this big Greek island is located fairly close to Athens, and it can be easily reached by car since it is connected to the mainland with a bridge. Evia has a total surface of 3670 square kilometres and its capital town is the city of Chalkis.

And the pristine islands that litter the shores are the perfect opportunity to sunbathe and appreciate the idyllic blue water. The mountains trap clouds causing more rainfall compared to other islands, but this deters tourists who just want to lay on the beach from visiting. It’s located south of Chios in the Aegean Sea, and 50mm lens street photography it’s separated from Turkey with the very narrow Mycale Strait. During the period of classical antiquity, Samos used to be a very powerful city-state known for its many vineyards and wine production. This island is also famous for being the birthplace of Pythagoras, perhaps the most famous mathematician to have ever existed.

Since it is such a large island, you can find popular, crowded spots, as well as secluded spots where you can enjoy some alone time. While here, you must check out Asklepion, the ancient medical centre where the famous Hippocrates used to operate. Other points of interest include Antimachia Castle, Greek Agora, and the Neratzia medieval castle. This is one of the few Greece islands unspoiled by tourists and presents a rural atmosphere with tranquil villages where you can find several restaurants serving authentic local cuisine. These are a group of large and small islands in Greece out of which the major ones are Zakynthos, Corfu, Ithaca, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Kythira, and Paxi.

The largest Greek island is Crete, followed by Evvia, Lesvos and Rhodes. Ranging from the volcanic Santorini, the ancient mountainous hiking paths of Ithaca or Lefkada to the remote artists’ retreats of Skyros, you can sail, hike, hail or bike around them. Whichever you choose, each proffers its own mythical quality and epic experiences.

Because of its location in the Aegean Sea, the island was often raided by pirates throughout history. Our favorite Mykonos fun fact is that the island has 600+ Byzantine Churches – an estimated 1 church per local family. The small Cycladic island of Mykonos is home to 10,000 people yet it’s the most cosmopolitan island in Greece because the town receives more than 2,000,000 visitors per year. Crete, the largest Greek Island, is a top destination for history buffs. Home to the oldest advanced civilization in theentireEuropean continent, the Minoans, the island is dotted with spectacular Bronze Age palaces and archaeological remnants of this great civilization. Greece offers the best variety of historical archaeological sites, delicious cuisine, and stunning panoramic vistas to explore.