There are plenty of options, and vBulletin is one of the best. It’s also important to have clear guidelines for your community, and lots of consistent content for members to share. Ultimately, it’s the quality of your content that will not only bring new members to your site, but also keep them coming back for more.

Building an email list should be a priority when starting a blog and even before you write your first blog post. But if it wasn’t, that’s OK – make it a priority today. Every single one of your posts – and especially when starting a blog for the first time – should have a CTA of some kind. Whether it’s as simple as a request for a share or a comment, or as big as making a purchase, every post should have an outcome. The key with content upgrades is to offer them from day one when starting a blog.

(The one I mentioned in section 6.) It resulted in 740 people reached and 47 link clicks. If you don’t have an about page, you’re doing it wrong. Once you find the forum, you need to become a member. This isn’t just a quick, “pop in and leave a link” strategy. You’ll get banned pretty quick doing that so it won’t do you any good when starting a blog. Randomly picking topics based on what you think your readers might like is a lot like playing the lottery.

Once you have your rules implemented, post them in a top, sticky thread so that new members understand the rules. You may also want to ask them to agree to the TOS when signing up to access the forums. Because it is open source, you can find online help from various developers that will help you tweak your forum to be completely customized.

Using SEO tools we can study real world search data and understand market dynamics. For instance, SEM Rush “Topic Research Tool” allows use to generate content ideas based on monthly search volume in a country. Screenshot below shows the different sub-topics under “Hiking” – you can use these sub-topic suggestions to segment your forum.

If you want to get a ton of traffic from forum marketing, you need to be actually creating your own thread. Participating in threads is great, but you also want to create your own threads. This right here, this particular post that I made at Warrior Forum, which is 17 untapped backlink sources, is literally copied and pasted from my site. BbPress integrates with your WordPress site, giving you the power of forums on a blog platform.

You can come back to Quora, answer the question in a simple and quick way, and then add a link for whoever wants to learn more. In the end, this all comes juwaonline. com down to, again, getting a good hosting setup. This is always the easiest and best way to improve your PageSpeed Insights score when starting a blog.

As your community grows, members will begin adding their own content, but in the beginning it’s mostly up to you. PhpBB is one of the most popular forum tools around because it offers a wide variety of features and customization options, and is completely free to use. Visit the phpBB forum or theElegant Themes forumto see how the tool works.

Below is a list of some of the most popular forum scripts on the web and the wordpress integration options which are available. By integrating your blog and forums user system you could create a better community and drive more traffic to your blog’s forums by using your blogs content. Once you have an account and it’s all set up, your next step is to create a signature.

The platform offers both self-hosting and cloud hosting options, making it equally accessible for users with varying degrees of technical knowledge. Both versions can be set up in just 15 minutes and provide the same features. BbPress is a WordPress forum plugin developed by creators of WordPress. It integrates with WordPress seamlessly and is easy to manage. The weak aspect of bbPress is the development which is quite slow and comes with limited features. The good side, it’s one of the oldest and well-maintained plugins for WordPress.